10 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Follow in 2020


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There will always be new and intriguing developments in the world of digital marketing.

But to make the most out of your business, you have to look at some of these trends and where they are coming from. There are many useful digital marketing trends that you need to notice if you want to go places with your work.

#1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is appealing for how it analyzes behaviors and actions online.

AI can be used to review what is happening on a site and to recognize user patterns. A marketing campaign can be designed with many responses that will be triggered based on the certain things that are entered on the site by visitors.

The data can be utilized carefully to provide a clearer idea of what can be highlighted when marketing things to other people.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

#2. Chatbots

A chatbot is a program that works on your site to talk with people when no one is around.

You can use a chatbot to interact with customers by having those people ask questions to that chatbot.

The program will respond based on the things that are entered in. Keywords and situations are analyzed to produce accurate responses that work in moments.


#3. Live Streaming

Live streaming is supported by various platforms these days with YouTube having gotten into the game recently as well.

You can use a live streaming program to highlight events in your workplace or to answer questions in real time. You can also archive those streaming sessions so people can see what you have to say later on.

The live streaming effort should be organized to where people can talk with you and recognize whatever you have to say.

Live Streaming
Live Streaming

#4. Voice Search

You need to ensure your business is easier to find on a voice search.

The use of smart home assistants and phone assistance that people can use voice commands to have made it necessary for your business to make chnages accordingly.

Your voice search work should be checked well enough to produce a convenient report and setup that does not take much to handle.

Voice Search
Voice Search

#5. Personalization

People like it when they feel that businesses are actually listening to them. Personalization is a concept that can make a difference when marketing things.

This works as a marketing message is customized based on things a person can specified on a site in the past or on the websites that people have visited.

A marketing program needs to have access to past website data and information on what inbound links people came to a site from for this to work.

But the effort can produce a simple interface if planned well enough.


#6. Visual Recognition

With so many computers and devices using small cameras that can recognize people in many ways, it is no surprise that people are interested in visual recognition programs.

You can use visual recognition to identify people based on any records they have or any types of products or items they have. In other cases, visual recognition may be for general security purposes.

This can be noticed in the use of geometrics for identifying people and seeing what they are doing on a site.

Amazon is working towards making it easier for the marketers and tools to incorporate the Visual Recognition and take it to the next level with Amazon Rekognition.

Amazon Rekognition
Amazon Rekognition

#7. Customer Prediction

You have to know what to expect out of your customers when figuring out what they are doing and what they are interested in.

Customer prediction is a practice that involves looking at how well people are handling their data and where they will go next.

You can use a customer prediction process to analyze how well you are working with others while using coding to produce new messages and responses to customers based on their behaviors and habits.

The effort would require extra work to make a program responsive, but the effort can be worthwhile if planned carefully and analyzed with enough effort.

#8. Location-Based Points

The use of mobile devices has made location-based marketing all the more important.

You’ve got to find programs and setups that allow you to keep tabs on people based on their locations. A good review should help you with noting where people are going and what they are interested in using.

Location-based aspects surrounding your site should be used to recommend people things based on where they are located.

This may work well if you’re running a business that targets people who regularly travel or if you’ve got a business that has locations in many places.

Local Business
Local Business

#9. Personal Data Use

The use of personal data has become important to notice on a site. Personal data can be utilized in many forms based on different concepts, but you should look at how that data is used for personalizing content that people wish to notice.

You have to prepare a solution for your work that is simple enough to follow without being challenging to manage.

The best part of using personal data is that it will help you with noticing the next moves that people might be making.

You can use the personal data you come across to figure out what people are interested in the most and how you can promote your wares.

This is already being used by all the top websites like Facebook Google to personalize their ads depending on personal interest and behavior.

#10. Gamification

The idea of getting people to work for their rewards is important. Gamification involves people putting in effort and reviewing more things or doing more on a site to get access to rewards.

This could help people to be more interested in your brand and to feel a little more invested over whatever you are offering.

Gamification works best if you plan it out well enough and review the content based on what’s open for your site.

This is to create a better approach to your content as you come across your work.

Everything you do for your digital marketing work in 2019 will be critical to your success in a campaign.

Look at where you’re going when getting your content ready and that you’re using the right plans for making your site visible.

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