10 Best Constant Contact Alternatives (2020)


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Constant Contact has made a name for itself as one of the top online marketing groups around. With Constant Contact, you can plan your emails with ease and make it easier for you to send them out to many people.

With Constant Contact you can create completely automated email series. So, you have to create some epic content once and set that up in a series of email that will go to the new email subscribers or a custom group chosen by you.

This technique is used by many pro bloggers and marketers to increase the email subscription rate by offer goodies, freebies in a series of email that is already aumated.

Withoutt any doubt, Constant Contact is one of the best product when it comes to email marketing. However, if you are looking for Constant Contact alternatives for any reason, there are a number of top quality products on the internet that you can use.

In this artile we have listed the ten best Constant Contact alternatives includes many options that will fit the many needs you’ve got for your work needs.

You can learn more about all of these Constant Contact alternatives by clicking on the links featured in this report. The links will list additional information on these programs alongside added content on how much it would cost for you to get any of these to work.

The good news is that these are all affordable choices that will fit all the outstanding programming and work needs you might have.


You’ll come across plenty of intriguing features when using SendinBlue as a Constant Contact alternative. SendinBlue lets you send SMS texts and transactional emails. You can also send out newsletters through the site. The reporting setup provided by SendinBlue ensures you’ll have an easy time keeping tabs on what you’re sending out too.

The segmentation features of SendinBlue help you review the demographics of who you’re promoting your messages to. You can use this to target whatever you’re sending to specific audiences or groups in your population.

  • You can produce transactional emails through the SendinBlue platform
  • Produce distinct landing pages for your convenience
  • You can also post signup forms in your messages
Marketing Automation Software SendinBlue


MailChimp does well with marketing and includes many features you might find on Constant Contact. But one valuable feature to see in MailChimp entails its autoresponder support system. You can create multiple auto responses based on specific things you wish to highlight.

The integration features that MailChimp offers helps you make more out of your content. With MailChimp, you can spread your content through social media sites and emails. You can also create ads that can integrate on many platforms for your convenience.

  • The analytics provides recommendations that are adjusted based on your current performance
  • The design features provide a better look
  • Analytics reviews specifics over how you’re supposed to reach your audience
mailChimp Marketing Platform for Small Businesses


ActiveCampaign works with email marketing systems, but you can also use ActiveCampaign for marketing automation needs. You can schedule emails as necessary and also add rules for specific email templates you want to send out. These rules include terms surrounding when you can get something sent out based on past behaviors among people who have visited your site.

The automation process is particularly efficient. The setup is timed to ensure your work isn’t going to be identified as spam when trying to get it sent out.

  • You can segment your audiences as necessary
  • Includes SMS support
  • You can use this through a Gmail account


Being able to grow your email system is critical to your business, especially when you’re trying to go very far. The Benchmark system will adapt to whatever you’re doing with your marketing campaign. You can quickly adjust your site to handle specific marketing plans of note. The setup features on Benchmark also ensure you’ll get your content up and running in minutes without delay.

All your contacts can be organized in moments through Benchmark. You can separate contacts based on multiple parameters based on responses, sales, demographics, and more. The number of contacts you can get to work for you on your platform can vary based on what you plan on using, so check the quality of your design as necessary.

  • You can use the automation features on the Benchmark system for multiple purposes
  • The templates have some modern looks to them that make them easy to review
  • You can use as many lists as necessary


ConvertKit is a helpful option for marketing that lets you handle email marketing efforts in many ways. The design of ConvertKit gives you help for managing many forms of data.

The things you can do with ConvertKit are unique, but what makes ConvertKit particularly special is how it offers forms for your convenience. Such forms can work for establishing signups, payment collection, and much more. You have many choices to use when getting your messages out with ease.

Automated emails are also provided to help you increase conversations with others. You can get these emails out as soon as possible when aiming to make your work more valuable and helpful.

  • Offers a strong deliverability rate and will avoid spam boxes
  • The template creator lets you produce unique visual displays
  • Offers simple switching features for existing accounts with other email providers


SendPulse helps you with push notifications, SMS, and traditional email efforts. The autoresponder system provided by SendPulse helps you to produce emails that you can send out based on responses. The variety of email and message support features that SendPulse offers support for ensures you’ll be covered for all the unique work efforts you might have.

The A/B testing feature also helps you check on the quality of your content in real time. The review work sees how well you’re going to handle your content, thus giving you a better look for whatever you’re planning.

  • You can create personalized Facebook Messenger bot posts
  • Includes SMTP and Viber support
  • Works with many template choices


Get a better response from your audience with the appropriately-titled GetResponse. The email marketing support from GetResponse includes an automatic funnel feature that you can program based on where you want to get your content out to.

GetResponse integrates well with all the major social media apps you might use. You can also integrate GetResponse with PayPal, Slack, Etsy, Shopify, and Magento among many others.

  • The landing page editor is easy to plan out
  • Works with more than fifteen languages
  • You can also use this if you operate out of social media and don’t have a regular site


You’ll appreciate how AWeber helps you to grow your business and make it easier for you to reach more people at a time. With AWeber, you can produce specific emails that come with unique displays and layouts. AWeber also includes help for contacts and lists.

You can arrange your lists based on who you want to contact and when you’re going to reach them. Distinct rules for responses can be planned for these entities based on what you prefer to use as well.

You can also link AWeber to most other business production and operation systems. These include many systems that handle emails and list features that helps you check on who’s getting what out of your promotional work.

  • Features a thorough analytics program for identifying items you are sending
  • You can create your own template or use one of many pre-made options
  • A/B testing included for subject lines, links, and other features for review


There are many special things that might occur when you’re trying to reach people. These include things like people buying certain things or visiting specific parts of your site. Some people may abandon their virtual shopping carts as well.

But with Drip, you can produce emails that will target people based on where they have gone on your site or what they might do. The design of Drip lets you get in touch with people and handle everything they ask for in moments.

  • The analytics setup on Drip loads in moments
  • Schedule your emails to be sent out at times you prefer
  • You can analyze the revenue attribution rates of all the emails that you send out


The simple approach that MailerLite uses provides help for people who aren’t familiar with programming work. MailerLite offers a drag and drop email builder that lets you create unique letters and other features. The work here makes it easier for your content to be memorable among possible readers.

You can also use MailerLite to customize popups and to automate all your emails. You can also prepare landing pages in moments with MailerLite. All of these features work for many sites, but you can also use MailerLite if you’ve got a WordPress-based page that needs help.

  • Integrates with many shopping platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce
  • You can work with an unlimited number of emails every month depending on what you need
  • You can use various templates for your email production needs

Check the websites for each of these Constant Contact alternatives to review what may work for you. You can get any Constant Contact alternative you use to work in many ways for your convenience.

This includes giving your site an easier time with making its content visible.

If you find the artile helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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