11 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

Write error free content for your business by using these top plagiarism checker tools


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If you are looking for the best plagiarism checker tools, we have included the top options in this article

You certainly don’t want to end on unintentionally copying things that were written by other people.

The good news is that there are many tools that you can use online to help you with identifying if someone is trying to copying things illegally. Best of all, these tools are free for you to utilize.

You will have to look at how well these tools work so you have an idea of what is around and what can work the best when you’re aiming to keep plagiarism from being a threat in your work or if you need to figure out of your students are engaging in such harmful activities.

What is Plagiarism?

before we move ahead with the list of tools, let’s first understand what is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the process of copying, stealing someone else’s work without due credit. The work could be a written content, ideas, story, language, expression of any form.

When you look at Plagiarism from the bloggers point of view, you will find tons of similar content on the internet. Some of those work could be completely copied line by line.

If you are a serious blogger and looking for a long term career as a blogger, you need to avoid Plagiarism at any cost because with copied content you will never be able to rank on Google or build an audience.

At times, you might create content that is too similar to some already available content without even knowing, so these Plagiarism checker tools will help you to create unique content for your business.

Note: You may be limited over what you can do with some of these plagiarism checking tools. These limits include rules surrounding what types of content you can search for through certain tools.

You might also have to purchase credits or other items for access to some unlimited features or other points that might provide more advanced search results than what you might be used to manage.

Check the plagiarism checker tools included in this article to get your content checked before it goes live on your site.

Top Plagiarism Checker Tools


Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is one of the most popular tools for bloggers and content writers. It can help you to create error-free content every time you publish a new post.

It is a must have a browser plugin for anyone who creates content. I would recommend Grammarly Pro to every blogger it can detect and suggest every spelling mistake, grammar issue before you press the publish button.

Grammarly offers you a robust Plagiarism checker tool that will help you to check duplication of content, the system checks through 16 billion pages to find pattern or similarity.

Also, read this article about the top Grammarly alternatives

  • Most advanced spelling and grammar checker
  • Robust plagiarism checker tool
  • Easy to use



Writer is a writing assistant tool that is specially created for the corporates and business. This tool will help you to create high-quality consistent content for your business.

The advantage of this tool is that you can define your own terminology related to your business and the tool will suggest corrections accordingly.

That means, even you have multiple writer; the tool will suggest the corrections as per your brand requirement as that the content for your business is consistent throughout all medium.

The Writer tool works perfectly in any medium be it your blog, email or when you write on social media.

  • Will help you to be consistent throughout all channels
  • Works in all channels, blog content, social media, email and more
  • Set your own terminology
  • Set writing dos and don’ts

Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker

You can start your search for free plagiarism checker tools by looking at what Dupli Checker has to offer. The simple design of Dupli Checker makes it a popular choice.

You can use this by uploading a .docx file or other text files to the site. The program can then review the text and check it with other sources. You can also copy and paste the text directly on the site if you prefer to go with that effort.

This is only one of the programs that Dupli Checker has to offer for your use.

You can also work with different text analysis tools through the site, including many that help you to identify points surrounding the work you are entering in and how the content may work in various forms.

The arrangement should help you with moving about with your work in any case.

  • Works with up to a thousand words at a time
  • Completely free for use with no other paid things involved
  • You can convert PDFs through the dedicated conversion section on the site
  • Various SEO backlink tools are included on the site as well



PaperRater is another helpful solution that will do well for when you need to find copies of work online. With PaperRater, you can check on duplicates and also find points on how the grammar looks.

This includes a full grammar checker that identifies many points surrounding your work and any additional writing suggestions that can be used at a time.

The design provides a full online proofing setup that works in a few moments. You do not have to download anything to get PaperRater to work for you either, thus making it a more convenient tool for many checking needs you might have.

The easy to use interface of PaperRater lets you compare documents and results to see how well they are arranged and that you have a plan for how well your content is to be shared in any specific situation, thus providing a better approach for your work.

  • You can use the feedback feature to get details on different functions in your writing
  • Get results in about 5 to 15 seconds after each submission
  • The recommendations you will get are thorough and work in many forms

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a helpful option for you to see when looking for a plagiarism checker tool. With this, you will need to type in a phrase or copy and paste something into the appropriate box.

You can hit the enter key after each key phrase you want the program to search through. After this, you can click on the search button to see how well your searches are being managed.

You have the option to get alerts from Plagiarism Checker based on the things that you are entering into the site.

You can use the alert feature to get information on when certain things you are entering in have been identified in the future.

This point works best if you’re going to produce something and you think that there’s a risk of certain things to be copied or used more often than necessary.

  • Can be used for checking different websites by entering in their URLs
  • Free to use with nothing extra required
  • No downloads necessary for use



You can use Plagiarisma as an alternative to Copyscape. Plagiarisma specifically promotes itself as an alternative to Copyscape because of how well it can review text directly on the site.

But unlike Copyscape, you don’t have to pay for anything premium just to get access to this part of the search process.

You can copy and paste text on the proper screen and then enter in your URL to see what is available for your use. You can also upload files directly from any Google Drive accounts you have.

This gives you extra help with managing your work without any struggle. The site also supports an extensive variety of file formats, including the .doc, .docx, .pptx, XLS, PDF, and ODT formats to name a few.

  • Supports just about every language in the world
    Offers Chrome and Firefox plugins for easy access and functionality
  • Lets you work with various searches without having to sign up for anything



The helpful design of Plagium makes it a worthwhile program for your use. You can enter up to a thousand characters on the screen to check it with other sources online.

The simple design reads all forms of text, so you can copy and paste things from a file without worrying about whether or not your program of value can read what is being utilized here.

The program itself is helpful for checking on both whether something is being copied and if something is being paraphrased in some way.

The full review that you will get out of Plagium lets you identify how well your searches are being managed, thus making for a useful option.

  • Can work with text files of all sizes
  • The search process only takes a few moments to complete
  • Offers a faster body for loading



PlagScan is the next option for you to review. The site uses the PlagLevel setup to identify the percentage of plagiarism that you will get out of the testing process.

After the check is complete, you will get a full report on what is working on your file. The design of the report will help you figure out everything that is happening with your content, thus helping you move forward with the work you are planning.

The color-coded results that you will get out of PlagScan will help you identify how well your work is being managed.

The design uses green, yellow, and red colors to distinguish when things are working well versus when some changes need to be made.

  • The site links up to major cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive
  • Can link up to various LMS or CMS layouts
  • No additional downloads required
  • Works with separate solutions for organizations and individuals alike



The simplicity of Viper makes it a helpful choice for when you need to get content checked in any form while online. Viper, or Scan My Essay as it is also known, is a solution for identifying problems with content that is easy to follow for many intentions.

The checker feature lets you review the content you upload and compare it with ten billion different sources. This works with journals, essays, and other bits of content that you might utilize.

The comparison reports you will get out of Viper will help you identify many things surrounding what you’re working with. This includes details on the existing content of all sorts.

The simple design of Viper lets you see what bits of content are being duplicated. You can use this if you’re trying to figure out what is happening with your work and what you feel needs to be corrected for any intention.

  • Offers a helpful and easy to review interface
  • Works with academic journal databases among other sources
  • All features are free to everyone who uses this program



Copyleaks is a choice for your review needs that helps you to identify various things of value.

The site has individual checker features that can work for many programming needs, including for students and universities among other services.

The design offered by Copyleaks ensures that many people can work with different control functions of value.

The program can work with many file formats for when you want to analyze individual files of value.

The program is also cloud-based, which means that it will find information quickly and will not require you to upload any files onto a separate account. This makes it easier for you to get more connections working well enough.

  • You can use Copyleaks to find information on proper writing tips
  • Content distribution and sharing points can be analyzed through Copyleaks
  • Can work with paraphrased and similar bits of content



The helpful layout of Quetext is a point that should be noted as well. Quetext lets you not only review content for plagiarism risks but also helps you with producing citations.

The citation generating feature works for all major academic formats. More importantly, the content ensures you’ll have extra help over your content and that the work is being referenced accordingly.

Having the proper citations can ensure you’ll keep your content from being suspected of possibly being illegal or improper based on the general layout being used.

The copy and paste body here helps you identify many things surrounding what might work on your site. The design gives you extra help with managing your content and moving forward with your work.

You should use this if you’ve got large text files, although this may work for a litter better with smaller files depending on how intricate the work might be.

  • The advanced algorithm used by Quetext gives you thorough results every time
  • You can upload PDFs to the site for simple checking purposes
  • Can work with an extensive amount of words at a time

Final Word

All of the options you’ve read about here are good plagiarism checker tools that are all free for you to utilize.

You can use these programs to help with moving forward with your work and with making the most out of the content you are aiming to create.

Be sure to use these to ensure that you’re producing the right items or that you’re not coming across anything that might have been duplicated by other people for whatever reason.

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