10 Best Free SEO Audit Tools For 2020


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Are you aware of how well the SEO functions on your website are? You have to look at what you’re getting out of your website so it will be easier for people to find your page and use it.

You can use one of these ten free SEO audit tools to help you make your site visible in 2019.

Each program is distinct based on the features it offers, so look around see what fits your demands.

Note: Some of these free SEO audit tools include paid versions that have more features than their free editions. This review is of the top free models. Also, some choices are only available for a limited time as free trials.


Ahrefs is one of the most comprehensive SEO analysis tools that offer you extensive tools to analyze your site as well as keep a track of your competitors.

Ahrefs checks through billions of pages every single day to offer a precise analysis of any domain.

The platform is easy to use. Just place the domain that you wish to check and search, it will show you the summary of the site and give you option to go further with your analysis

You can do a complete analysis of the backlink profile of any site. You can check all the backlinks, the linked pages, anchor text so that you can easily acquire similar links for your business.

Ahrefs also offers you keyword research tool that you can use to check the keyword, the possible search traffic and the number of links that you need to rank your post on the first page.

The platform offers you a comprehensive analysis of all the aspects that you need to keep a track of in order to grow your business.



Your last option to see for your SEO audit desires is SEMrush. This free program gives you a full report on how well your SEO work is being managed and what you can get out of the setup as necessary.

The SEO Toolkit program offered by SEMrush gives you a detailed look at how well your SEO plans are working. The setup lets you review how well your site is working while also analyzing your competitors.

You’ll have to enter in multiple URLs to get a thorough review of what is on your site. This should help you with noticing how well your setup is managed.

The organic research provided also gives you a clear idea of what is happening with your site and how the layout is managed.

A keyword gap feature also helps you see what keywords you are using versus what your contenders are using.

However, the free options are limited and you will be prompted to go for the premium package after a few searches every day.



Your first choice to see is MySiteAuditor. This option helps you produce SEO reports and export them to PDFs.

You can audit pages based on certain keywords, specific pages on your site, or larger landing pages.

The program gives you recommended feedback on what you can do to improve your results. The program records this information based on the latest details found on the Google algorithm.



Seomator will crawl around your website and work with up to a thousand pages on that site.

The review will identify everything from broken links to files that are not loading to segments that are simply taking more time to load than necessary.

Details on HTML tags, internal links, and other factors are also included in each review.

You can download each of your audits and share them with others through PDFs. You cannot directly email your audits through the Seomator program though.

Seomator Tool


Your review on WooRank will provide you with a numerical score relating to the issues on your site. You can find errors and opportunities to improve alike.

Each report on your page will give you specific sections relating to what needs to be fixed based on social media outreach, keyword usage, wordiness, file load speed, and many other details.

Woorank SEO Checker Tool

Marketing Grader

A tool by HubSpot, you can use it to get details on your site’s functionality through Marketing Grader. The program offers a basic interface, but the thorough work it provides will make a difference.

In addition to reviewing your site, Marketing Grader will also look at any blogs or social media pages linked to your site.

The grading for each page is consistent over how everything is reviewed. A separate mobile website scanner is also included.

Marketing Grader
Marketing Grader

SE Ranking

You can start new SEO audits with SE Ranking in moments. You can also reset your audit if your site has experienced sizeable changes.

The system is fast and even gives you friendly details on how you can adjust your site based on many factors.

You can also use SE Ranking to review your competitors. A competition analysis will reveal information on the keywords your competitors are using.

You can also review the ads they’ve paid to see what keywords they are trying to focus on.

SE Ranking
SE Ranking


The things that are noticed on your site through Seoptimer will be divided up based on factors like how quickly you need to respond to a certain concern.

Details on server response and the timeframe needed for fixing problems can be found on the site. The information included will help you figure out how you can make your page run faster.


Page Modified

The main purpose for using Page Modified and its Check My Links is to identify how well your internal and external links are working. Check My Links crawls through your page and tests every link you produce.

You can get your review handled through the Page Modified website. The Check My Links plug-in program offered by Page Modified provides you with access to details on your links through your web browser.

Both options will provide you with the results that you deserve for figuring out what is happening with your site.

Page Modified


This next option among free SEO audit tools offers a design that focuses on link building.

The program helps you to review the website based on what links are being accepted versus what is inactive.

A review of the domain authority for all outgoing and inward links will help you figure out what’s happening with your site.

The key intention for BuzzStream is to help you find options based on your industry that you wish to link to.

The layout gives you more control over how well your site is operating and what you might need.


SEO Report Card

UpCity makes this next choice for a free SEO audit tool. The report card program analyzes your website and gives you a thorough report with many sections.

The report includes segments dedicated to ranks, link building, website accessibility, and more. You can compare your site with another place if you wish.

SEO Report Card

Check out how each of these free SEO audit tools can work for you as you’re aiming to make the most out of your website in 2019.

Each of these choices is useful, so look around to see what works for you.

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