10 Best HubSpot Alternatives for Marketing Automation (2020)

Automate Your Marketing Process Using HubSpot or Other Similar Platforms


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HubSpot is a service that markets software tools for people who need help with making the most out of their businesses.

The software that HubSpot develops works on inbound marketing efforts. The CRM system is helpful for providing people with good insights into what they are doing for promoting their wares.

The site does not have any customization limits of what people can do either.

But at the same time, HubSpot has various security issues where your data may be exposed at any time. Also, the CRM may not work if you have a more complicated system to work with.

The customization points that HubSpot offers are for many basic functions, and they may not work for complex tasks even if you can get many customizations handled at a time.

While HubSpot may be frustrating for some, there are a few helpful HubSpot alternatives that deserve to be explored as well.

These HubSpot options will help you with finding ways to make your business work while facilitating more sales for many intentions.

You will need to look at these HubPost alternatives for any intentions you have surrounding what you will get out of your work.

Top HubSpot Alternatives

HubSpot is a big name when it comes to CRM and softwares to manage businesses. Their services has been around for years and constantly growing and helping business. If you are looking for similar services like HubSpot, here are the top options for you.

Aritic PinPoint

Aritic PinPoint

Aritic PinPoint is the first choice to check out. PinPoint helps you get more leads by helping you to produce unique landing pages and forms.

You can produce clearly labeled forms that are simple for all to utilize. Multiple channels can be used within one campaign for your convenience as well.

Scores can also be assigned to your leads on PinPoint. These scores are arranged based on how people are engaging with your website and interacting with more functions all around.

The design produces the best leads possible and identifies what works best based on what your sales efforts are managing and where you are going with your work here.

  • Includes support for email and SMS and push notification functions
  • You can produce individual segments for building better relationships
  • A/B testing helps identify things on your site



Your next option to see is Ontraport, a platform that helps you to publish content fast while automating your marketing and email message efforts. Automation works by having you produce content based on specific messages or ideas you want to convey to others.

Unique rules can be established based on certain tasks. If a page is not converting, you can request a change and conduct a split test to figure out which particular landing page is working out a little more.

You can also use the UTM data to make it easier for you to handle your content.

  • Helps you with graphic content creation
  • You can use detailed analytics on the tool to review what is working the best
  • Data can be migrated from other CRM systems to your new one on Ontraport

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot

The B2B support that Pardot offers is ideal for people who want to get good relationships established between them and other entities.

With Pardot, people can find leads and use them to their advantage. Proper search functions work here, but the form and landing page creation tools are particularly vital to what makes Pardot so valuable for promotional and production purposes.

  • Interest levels can be produced between segments based on what people are interacting with the most
  • A/B testing features available for general email work
  • Can integrate with any Salesforce apps you are already working with



EngageBay is an integrated marketing, sales and service CRM built for startups and small businesses to afford a comprehensive, all-in-one suite.

It is well known exactly how expensive HubSpot can be for these businesses and how limited their options otherwise are. They either have to pay for several tools and apps to fill in the gaps or go without certain features they need. EngageBay addresses the gap.

EngageBay is feature-rich and affordable at the same time. It has almost everything you need from an integrated automation platform.

See how it is a great HubSpot alternative.


EngageBay has a slew of products in its suite. In the Sales Bay, you can find CRM, contact management software, and our appointment scheduling software. In the Marketing Bay, there’s SMS marketing, web forms, landing pages, email sequences, email marketing, and marketing automation.


As of now, here’s a full list of the apps and tools EngageBay integrates with:

  • Xero
  • Mandrill
  • Mailgun
  • SendGrid
  • Zapier, and more


  • Designed for small businesses and startups specifically as an alternative to HubSpot
  • The CRM is free to subscribers so they don’t spend more money on a necessity
  • There’s also a Free plan for those on a budget, but the other plans are inexpensive


  • Could use more integrations, but EngageBay is adding more all the time
  • The iOS app is yet to be launched

Keap InfusionSoft

Keap InfusionSoft

The automation support provided by Keap InfusionSoft makes it one of the top tools for you to try using. With InfusionSoft, you can get your content handled with unique leads.

You can also set tasks on the CRM with reminders to help you stay productive and effective in what you are aiming to promote. The support for customized workflows on InfusionSoft also helps you to keep your content active.

Individual task trees can also be utilized based on what people do on your site. Automated strategies may work for both people who sign up for things on your site and those who might not have clicked on your site for whatever reason.

  • The campaign builder feature provides a fully graphic layout of how your creative efforts are working
  • Detailed analytics features included in the tool
  • You can manage online shopping carts and identify what people are adding the most

Adobe Marketo

Adobe Marketo

Adobe Marketo lets you profile your customer accounts to figure out which ones are the most active and which you should be targeting.

You can use the account analysis feature to figure out what people are doing the most and how they are making their bits of work more visible and useful.

The Success Path Analyzer is one of the more unique analytical features you’ll find on a business CRM platform.

This part of Marketo shows the links between your marketing efforts and any changes in revenue that you might encounter in the workplace. This gives you a clear idea of what you are getting out of your marketing efforts.

  • Work with mobile marketing with location-based automation features
  • Helps you review the behaviors of people based on where they are reaching your site from
  • You can use a subscription list that identifies entities based on location, time, and other key identifiers for marketing use



Drip provides a fully automated approach for handling content that you will love. With Drip, you can promote your store by offering a distinct interface.

You can use more customer insight and data points on Drip while also offering better email automation functions for your convenience.

The best part of using Drip here is that you will have an easier time identifying and understanding what might work for your promotional efforts.

You can also integrate many API setups from other sites on Drip. These include PayPal, Shopify, and Chargify APIs among others.

  • Get a better idea of where your workflow is going with visual charts
  • You can create unique actions at any stage in the workflow process
  • Analytics reviews include details on which forms and pages are utilized the most



You can use ActiveCampaign particularly if you have an email campaign that needs an extra bit of help.

The email creation feature on ActiveCampaign gives you the power to produce new emails in a few moments.

The convenient and simple design of ActiveCampaign ensures you’ll have more control over these emails. Seeing how valuable emails can be to your marketing efforts, this could be a useful choice for your CRM needs.

  • Includes a Google Chrome extension
  • You can create customized user permissions
  • One-on-one training helps you with identifying all the features of ActiveCampaign

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua

Eloqua is helpful for assisting you to produce roadmaps surrounding your efforts in producing content.

Eloqua offers a thorough layout that focuses on marketing automation and identifying opportunities based on customer actions and interactions. Unique behaviors are reviewed on the work being placed at a time.

  • Offers synchronization with other tools, including WebEx and Salesforce
  • Predictive analytics help you make educated decisions on what works
  • Review models, forms, and other bits of data to find points on configuring your work



The marketing automation support provided by SharpSpring makes it a helpful option for many of your promotional and work needs.

You can create behavior-based emails that are sent to people automatically based on the actions they put in on your site. Unique landing pages can also be created on SharpSpring to help you with promoting your content and making your items more visible.

You can also take advantage of advanced dynamic forms. Appealing visitor IDs can also be incorporated in your work to produce something attractive and valuable.

  • The blog builder produces a better layout
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Webex, Shopify, Twitter, and many other platforms
  • Can work with third-party CRM setups as well


The general point of Leadpages is to focus on producing outstanding landing pages and websites that are easy to use. You can produce alert bars, pop-ups, and much more through Leadpages.

There are more than a hundred unique templates available for your use. You can make many of these messages with two-step opt-in setups for your convenience. The site concentrates on producing simplified approaches to managing your leads that will work in moments and provide a simple approach for use in most situations.

  • You can choose from templates based on their prior performance statistics
  • A/B split testing works for landing pages, emails, and other things you can create
  • Leadlinks, leadboxes, and other additional things for entry are also included

A Final Note

The things that you do when promoting your business online are critical to your success.

Be aware of what you might be utilizing when you’re aiming to handle your work.

You will find that all of these options for HubSpot alternatives are useful for many of the situations that you have surrounding what you want to do with your work and how you are going to make what you have a little more visible and supported.

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