11 Best iMovie Alternatives For Mac


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iMovie has been used by many Mac users since Apple first introduced the tool in 1999.

iMovie has gone through plenty of changes over the years and has made it easier for people to edit videos. People can add effects and features to their videos and even fix shaky video problems.

The things that iMovie can do entails working hard to help you with keeping your content going well while being easy to support anything that you might be interested in the most.

But there are many problems associated with iMovie. These are general issues that may make it harder for you to manage the things that you want to do when getting your content working well enough:

  • It’s difficult to work with multiple video formats when you use iMovie. You cannot use all MP4 or MOV formats, for instance.
  • You cannot upload the videos that you create on the tool to YouTube as well as you could with other editors.
  • iMovie does not have the full capabilities that a full-size video editor has to offer.

The hassles that come with iMovie are plentiful, but the good news is that there are many alternatives that you can consider.

These ten options for an iMovie alternative are options that provide you with more things to do for your video editing needs than what you might get out of iMovie.

These include many tools that offer a greater variety of things that you can do when getting online. You should look at how well these tools can work for when you’re aiming to make the most out of the content you want to plan out.

Note: The iMovies alternatives listed here have some free or trial versions available. You would have to spend extra to get access to the full versions of these tools and therefore all the things that these have to offer.

Check the websites listed on the links here to see what it would cost for each tool. You may find that many of these tools are affordable. Also, many of these are not going to require any particular contracts for regular service depending on what you are working with.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X was introduced by Apple as an advanced movie editor that is much more detailed and thorough than what you would get from the iMovie app.

This standalone application is useful when you’re trying to edit professional videos.

The video noise reduction feature makes it easier for you to handle your content.

Meanwhile, you can use the Motion and Compressor setups to produce unique export settings or to establish titles and other visual efforts.

These and other features on Final Cut Pro X operate on the same Metal architecture produced by Apple, thus providing an easier approach for handling work.

The arrangement utilized here helps you with keeping the content you’re working with organized the right way while being sensible and quick for use.

  • 360-degree editing available for VR productions
  • Multithreading spreads tasks out to multiple cores at a time
  • Unique color wheel mixing makes it easier for you to produce distinct colors
Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe has been making quality multimedia tools for years. Premiere Pro is a video editing tool that provides a helpful arrangement for your use.

The system uses a color grading feature that helps to simplify curve adjustments. This helps you to check on the coloring in your videos so everything looks more distinct and clear.

The Essential Sound panel also helps you to check on the quality of the noise while also reducing reverb and background noise among other concerns.

You can even use the infographics feature on this to move spreadsheets into your video. This feature works mainly for business-related videos, but it makes it easier for people to share their data online.

  • You can automatically save items to a cloud connection
  • Master clip effects are included
  • The editing workflow setup on this is very fast
Adobe Premiere Pro


Shotcut is an appealing open-source tool that you can use for your editing needs. This comes with a good cross-platform design that is not too hard to control.

The best part of Shotcut is that it is free to use, but there are many other things surrounding Shotcut that deserve to be noted.

Shotcut provides a wide format support setup. You can also use the simple interface on the tool to help you with going forward with your work.

The regular updates on Shotcut provide the opportunity to adjust videos with exciting and fun video efforts of all sorts. The general filters that Shotcut uses also help you with producing many unique videos that add a distinct layout.

  • Comes with a large community of users
  • Includes support for several video and audio tracks at a time
  • You can take certain parts of a video and separate them to produce many videos

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is one of the most popular video editing tools. The advantage of this platform is that it is newbie-friendly, you can learn for a few minutes by checking any tutorial on YouTube and start editing your video.

You can try the product for free and if you are comfortable using and editing your videos, you can go for the pro version of the product.

Filmora is quick and simple to use and it offers you a large collection of video templates, video intro templates, music options you can use on your video.



WeVideo focuses its work as a web-based platform. You can use WeVideo with any browser, including anything that your Mac can utilize. You can also work with different videos on your iOS devices that you might have if necessary.

WeVideo gives you full control over many of the things you want to do with your videos. With WeVideo, you can quickly work with different things such as producing motion effects, generating unique transitions, and even working with green screen effects as you see fit.

  • You can use one of many royalty-free clips or images for your videos
  • The Storyboard mode lets you analyze how your video evolves
  • The visual interface provides enough control for many bits of work

Motion FX

Autodesk created Motion FX as a tool that helps you to create unique videos with different presets. Various presets can be made with a virtual camera arrangement.

You can adjust the video and audio quality of your content based on the settings you are working with here. The design provides a thorough look at how your content is to be managed without being tough on your use.

You can also use many detecting features to help you with adjusting the content you’re working with. These entail face, motion, color, and effect detection setups.

You can use the system to identify many things surrounding what is available for your use. The setup should help you with getting your content handled well that won’t be too rough to handle.

  • Cycle mode provides extra control
  • Work with more than eighty presets
  • You can work with multiple videos or cameras at a time to create different controls
Motion FX

VideoLAN Movie Creator

VideoLAN is known for its open-source media player, but the company also has an open-source movie creator for people to utilize.

The VideoLAN Movie Creator features a design that works with many operating systems, including the Mac setup. The creator works on the VLC platform and is easy to use, and even then it is a highly powerful unit for your use.

The design that VideoLAN offers focuses on handling many formats of value. The design works without spyware, ads, or user tracking features as well, thus ensuring you will never have to worry about your content being exposed.

  • Includes a thorough layout that lets you skip between different time standards
  • You can work with multiple audio and video tracks
  • You can create many meta tags of value
VideoLAN Movie Creator


Lightworks has been noted for being used on many professional films from some of the hottest studios around. The Lightworks system that is used here entails many codecs with a simple user interface that is easy to handle.

The timeline editing and trimming feature makes this setup easy to control and use. You can add audio and video effects on the site in moments, thus providing a simple approach to handling work that you will enjoy.

You can also export videos for YouTube and Vimeo use and even videos for 4K purposes.

The royalty-free audio and video content that you can utilize for improving upon your video makes this all the more intriguing for people to check out as well.

The best part of this is that the Lightworks tool can work with various other resolution levels and can be helpful if you want to make your work organized right.

This should be convenient if you have something a little smaller in size that needs extra help for people to consider and use as desired.

  • Supports wide formats
  • Low-resolution proxy included in handling 4K workflows
  • 32-bit GPU support included for reviewing the quality of your video

Jahshaka Studio

The Jahshaka Studio tool lets you produce many unique bits of virtual content. Jahshaka helps you to create unique virtual environments. You can play back videos in moments and also publish your work with Jahshaka Worlds.

The design of this post-production tool helps you to not only edit the features on your videos, but also add unique animations and other quality features in those videos.

The audio editing features that are included here help you to check on what you are using at a time without wasting any effort. You will appreciate the hard work that Jahshaka does for incorporating all tasks into one setup at a time for your general convenience.

  • Provides multiple tracks for editing audio and video
  • Non-linear editing can work
  • You can use the real-time sharing content for your general content sharing efforts
Jahshaka Studio

VideoPad Video Editor

NCH Software created the VideoPad Video Editor as an advanced tool for producing videos of all sorts. The VideoPad editor lets you work with videos for HD, 360-degree, and YouTube purposes.

This also works with all major video formats, including ones that work on a DV camcorder, VHS, GoPro and many others of note.

The audio and video features on the editor make it a worthwhile choice for your use. The video editor features several audio tools for use, including many digital ones that help you to adjust choral and echo effects among other things.

For the video features, you can work with color tuning efforts to help you review the quality of your visuals. This helps you to produce a better overall review.

  • You can burn files to DVD
  • Works for videos for various VR headsets and for YouTube
  • You can reduce camera shake and other concerns with the editor
VideoPad Video Editor

iOrgsoft Video Editor For Mac

Make the movies you produce more appealing through this iOrgsoft editor. The editor works with all major file formats and lets you cut, trim, split, and join files of all types. You can also use various encoding solutions for your needs.

There are more than thirty special effects for you to work with. You can also add unique transitions to videos and also include personal images and other quality features that you will love having.

Also, you can convert your files to other Apple-related formats for Avid, Movie, and FCP among others that Apple works with.

You can order this iOrgsoft tool for different Mac OS X setups. There is one version for 10.6 and down, and then one for 10.7 and up.

You’ll find that the support provided by iOrgsoft ensures you’ll have more control over how you’re producing videos where you are.

  • The real-time preview feature helps you identify what’s on your video file
  • You can also capture screenshots on the tool
  • Batch conversion helps you to import and convert many files at a time
iOrgsoft Video Editor For Mac

FAQs About iMovie

01. What is iMovie?

iMovie is a video editing software created by Apple for the iOS and Mac products. So, if you are a Mac user, you don’t have to look for video editing tools outside, you can use the iMovie to edit your videos.

02. Is iMovie Free?

Yes, you can download iMovie for free on the Apple platform for Mac or iOS devices and start using it.

03. Do I need Any Technical Knowledge to Use iMovie?

Well, iMovie is a relatively easy video editor to use. Still, if you need any help you can look for YouTube videos about how to use iMovie. There are a number of tutorials about iMovie.

Final Word

The tool can read most file formats and can work on many formats. This can also help you to convert files to many other formats, including some Apple-oriented formats, with ease.

The risk of the data in your videos being harmed due to the conversion process will be nonexistent.

Each of these iMovie alternatives for Mac use is varied based on how they work and what they have to offer. Be sure when looking at these choices that you are fully aware of what you are getting out of any of these options.

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