15 Best Infographic Creating Tools 2019

Infographics Are One of The Best Ways to Build High-Quality Backlinks and Tons of Traffic


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Quality infographics can be intriguing for how they display extensive amounts of content with distinct visual appeals to them.

If you’ve read USA Today, you’ve probably seen an infographic before. The brilliant graphics you’ll find here will help you with producing an appealing look that adds a special approach that is worth having for your needs.

You can use infographics to simplify the content that you’re trying to talk about. Your infographics will help you with showcasing many ideas or concepts that you feel deserve to be shared with the world.

The effort you put into creating infographics can be extensive, so you need to look well at how you’re going to create infographics that you will appreciate.

The great news is that there are plenty of quality infographic creating tools that you can utilize when you’re aiming to make the most out of the work you are planning.

Each of these programs is different in many ways, so be sure you look around well at what’s available and how you’re going to get a quality program to work for you.

Be advised that some of these tools are better suited for specific display needs. But many of them are good for general use.

Either way, the choices you have here are diverse options that will help you make the most out of your display needs.


You can start by looking at Visme, a program that helps you to create distinct design projects. The arrangement of Visme provides various templates and shapes for your use.

You can also import objects and icons on Visme if you wish. Multiple animations can also be produced through Visme if you’re interested in a more visual approach to the work you’re planning.

  • You can mix multiple elements in one setup
  • You can work with one of twenty different chart types
  • Drag and drop data widgets help you organize your data well
  • The shapes and lines around the program provide a great interface for producing images and other features
Visme Infographic Creating Tool
Visme Infographic Creating Tool


The great part about Easel.ly is that the program provides a quality display that helps you to visualize information in many forms. The site offers a series of cards that helps you to review different templates you can use.

You can use a map-based template, a timeline layout, or many others depending on the particular type of data you want to share with others.

  • Offers unique templates that highlight processes or comparisons
  • Supports various color templates and platforms for display needs
  • You can quickly integrate custom images or photos in moments
  • Easy to export or share your work with others online
Easel.ly Infographic Tool
Easel.ly Infographic Tool


The simple arrangement of Vizualize.me is appealing for many users, although the best part of using Vizualize.me is that the program lets you produce a diverse array of infographics.

You can print download or print-quality infographics that you can download through a PNG file or a PDF. You can also produce bubble charts, timelines, maps, treemaps, and pictograms that highlight any unique image or display feature you want to incorporate in your work.

  • You can sign in with your email account or your LinkedIn account
  • Works particularly for resumes, although it can also be used for basic information
  • The templates you can create include distinct color layouts for your use


Venngage is a helpful program that uses a modern interface for helping you manage your content. You can use Venngage to create intriguing displays and presentations that add a classy style to your work.

Venngage particularly does well with helps you to post promotional messages and things on social media. The versatile nature of Venngage makes it a necessity for designers to take a closer look at.

  • Works with many color patterns for your convenience
  • You can produce printer-quality images with the setup used here
  • Your displays can be configured for use on mobile devices


The next choice to see is a Drupal-powered program called Dipity. This option focuses more on timelines. You can organize your data by time or event and display it for many to use.

This is great if you want to showcase processes or if you want to talk about any prior events with a historical context or other idea in the mix.

You can get this program working in a few moments to help you producing the best displays that you require for professional or causal needs.

  • Lets you work with more type of media for your image needs
  • Offers a simple tutorial layout for your convenience
  • Has a streamlined approach to producing unique displays


Piktochart is another helpful program that provides you with a useful template creation tool.

There are more than 400 unique templates featured on Piktochart. These templates let you produce appealing displays with unique images, graphs, objects, and other things that you can add as you see fit.

  • Works for flyers and posters alike
  • The designs are suitable for when you want to utilize large-scale printouts for major events
  • Interactive charts can be programmed with unique transitions and other special effects

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The unique part of Canva is that you can use this to produce unique designs through your mobile device. This can work for when you’re aiming to highlight something interesting while also offering a compact look.

  • Helps you to produce unique graphs or charts
  • Has a full photo editor program
  • Suitable for work-related charts, including Gantt charts
  • Ideal for planning tasks with support for fishbone diagrams or doughnut charts among others
Canva for Infographics
Canva for Infographics

Google Charts

It is no surprise that Google has gotten in on the infographic game, what with Google being involved with just about everything else in the world.

Google Charts provides a helpful design that lets you produce infographics while working with dynamic data setups.

You can use Google Charts with a helpful interface that lets you produce real time data updates while also offering a customizable body for your convenience.

  • The rich gallery lets you add interactions and other unique displays
  • HTML5 support works for many platforms with no plugins required
  • You can use various convenient dashboards to help you produce appealing content all around
Google Charts
Google Charts

Adobe Spark

Adobe has been making many free products for your creative needs, and Spark is the latest of the product that the company has to offer. With Adobe Spark, you can produce customized infographics in minutes.

You don’t have to be an expert in design either, as Adobe has various tutorials built into Spark to help you identify many solutions for managing your work.

  • You can work with various sizes when producing unique infographics
  • Works with any image format when you add display features in your infographics
  • Your infographic can be saved as a PNG or JPEG file
  • Fonts can be added based on color, opacity, and background style
Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark


The helpful design of Lucidpress helps you to produce attractive templates. But the best part of using Lucidpress is that you can get this to work with a cloud-based setup.

You can save your content on the cloud system and edit your infographic from anywhere. This is convenient for when you’re trying to adjust your content and you need extra help with keeping your data in check.

Also, the cloud-based setup provides you with the opportunity to handle collaborative actions when producing appealing displays.

  • Works on all major operating systems
  • The interface provides a simple approach for controlling your content
  • You can use Lucidpress to also create booklets, newsletters, menus, and postcards

Mind the Graph

The helpful design of Mind the Graph makes it a useful program for when you need assistance with producing appealing graph displays.

You can work with thousands of scientific illustrations when using Mind the Graph as well. The infographic layouts are also convenient for keeping your displays looking intriguing.

Also, Mind the Graph is useful for research papers, what with it helping to produce professional-grade displays that are ideal for major academic projects that might need a bit of refining and work.

  • Lets you produce appealing animations and other motion features
  • Interactive labels can be created in moments
  • The image editor included with the site is easy to prepare and utilize
Mind the Graph
Mind the Graph


PicMonkey is a helpful program for your use that offers many templates that are easy to plan out.

The online design layout that PicMonkey uses is particularly helpful for when you need assistance with producing distinct displays. The assorted variety of display functions you can utilize here helps you as well.

PicMonkey works with hundreds of fonts and textures for your convenience. The thousands of graphics available on PicMonkey will also help you with managing your content.

  • Thousands of template options available for all major projects
  • You can work with various blank canvas design options
  • Images can be arranged with various folders for your use
  • Use filters on the site to help you produce attractive efforts on your images


Creately helps you with producing intriguing diagrams. The site offers support for more than fifty appealing diagrams for your convenience.

You can also use the real-time collaboration feature where you can share your content with other users online.

The universal compatibility of the graphics you produce on Creately helps you to produce more attractive layouts that will work for you.

  • Integrated with Google Apps and Chrome Store for convenient marketing displays
  • You can work with thousands of file libraries on Creately
  • Work with different chart layouts that can be adjusted on the fly


Infogram has an attractive look that is appealing for all to see. Infogram helps you to manage data with unique dashboard arrangements and can help you in a few steps.

You only need to choose a template, plan the data, and then publish the content. You can add any kind of word-based feature you want in the Infogram display.

  • Ideal for use when creating social media dashboards
  • Can work with every type of chart
  • Useful for marketing reports
  • You can use this to produce distinct collateral reports depending on your desires for display needs


ChartsBin is designed mainly for professional needs. The detailed displays you can create here will add a better review of the technical data that you want to share with others.

With ChartsBin, you can quickly share things like bar charts, map displays, and detailed reports surrounding different concepts or points of value that you wish to highlight.

You can use ChartsBin for many academic projects or if you’re going to produce an appealing professional project, although the things that ChartsBin offers aren’t as complicated as you might expect.

  • Offers more technical controls for specific functions
  • You can create interactive labels that let people control different things
  • Multiple color templates can be utilized for your display needs

A Quick Note

You should notice that many of these infographic creating tools are free for you to utilize. Some places will charge you money for access to some features though.

Be sure you review the conditions of using one of these sites to help you with finding a place that will serve you well. You should also look at what functions are available for your use and that you have enough control over what you are getting out of the program.

You may also find some special trial editions of these programs. Such trials can be helpful for use, but it helps to note how these trials operate and that you’ve got an idea of what the terms are.

This includes looking at whether you’re going to have to sign up for services after a period of time has expired for any purpose.

The good news about working with these infographic sites is that they’ll provide you with many ways to make the most out of the images you need to work with.

Be sure to compare these places to see what may work the best for your design needs. You will love the overall project you produce when you get a great infographic produced through one of these systems.

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