10 Best Landing Page Builders For Maximum Conversion


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You’ll need to create a quality landing page if you’re going to make the most out of your site.

A well-made landing page is one that will give you the best results possible. This includes something that can help with taking in information from clients and making your work more visible.

Since your landing page is often the first thing that people will see on your site, you’ll need to look at how well you’re going to produce such a page.

Fortunately, you have various landing page builders that can work for your site’s needs. This listing of the ten best landing page builders for your convenience includes many that can work for whatever needs you might have.

Take a look at each of these options, and look at how well these are going to work for your promotional efforts.

01. Instapage

You can start by looking at Instapage when finding something that is suitable for whatever you want to do with your site.

The platform uses a setup that lets you personalize all the things you want to include on your landing pages. You can also use experimentation tools to review how well your page may work.

You can test individual pages out at random to figure out how well they might work for your plans.

The Instapage tool directly works with WordPress integration for your plans. The user interface also provides a simple design that won’t be too hard for you to handle.

  • Includes more than 200 templates for your use
  • The analytics feature provides an easy to read setup
  • A/B testing included on the tool

02. Leadpages

You won’t have much of a hard time bringing people to your site when you use Leadpages. The tool touts itself as one of the top options for landing pages thanks to the simplicity that comes with the setup.

You can use many templates for your work, but you can adjust individual features on each template as you see fit.

  • You can incorporate as many plugins into your work as you wish
  • Supports mobile devices
  • You can add various types of forms to your site

03. Landing Lion

The main marketing point that Landing Lion offers is that you can use it to adjust your pages in moments.

You can select individual sections, rows, or columns on your pages. You can create headlines, add a navigation bar, or incorporate a button. You can use buttons that link to various prominent social media or online wallet tools.

Individual forms can also be produced, although you have full control over the content you want to incorporate on any of these forms.

  • Works with as many domains as you want to utilize
  • Integrate your tools and apps to your landing pages
  • Use as many A/B tests for your site as you wish
Landing Lion

04. Ucraft

As the name of the site promotes, Ucraft lets you produce content as well as you might wish. Ucraft focuses on all parts of your website, although it also has a separate section that you can use for your landing pages.

The site uses many templates that will help you with your site creation needs. You don’t even have to know any bits of code to make a landing page work, as the drag and drop nature of Ucraft makes it a valuable choice.

  • The templates are easy to analyze and adjust
  • Create as many forms on your landing pages as needed
  • Can work on any page that you might be hosting regardless of domain provider

05. Unbounce

More than ten thousand brands use Unbounce as a tool for their general work needs. With Unbounce, you can review the content you plan in moments.

You can build any page with a template of your choosing, but you can also create unique templates based on whatever you prefer to work with for your site needs.

The CSS and JavaScript support features on Unbounce make it easier for you to produce distinct sites that are more intriguing or unique.

Unbounce promotes itself as one of the oldest landing page services around. The extensive experience that the team that operates Unbounce has for different tools and efforts is particularly noteworthy, as it gives people the knowledge necessary to move forward with a task.

  • You can add popups and other header features to your page
  • Include maps with local information based on your physical sites
  • Directly links to WordPress

06. ClickFunnels

The unique templates that ClickFunnels provides give you many options for controlling the things that you might want to do on your site.

You can use a template for a landing page that adds people to an email list, incorporate sales details to add value, or to produce a one-click upsell segment.

The functionality of ClickFunnels lets you work with many buttons and images, including buttons for social media links, online wallets, and various designators letting people know what forms of payment you might accept.

You can use a follow-up setup to get in touch with your customers even when they leave. The design lets you send different bits of content as necessary.

  • You can use the onboarding videos to learn more about how to create things
  • You can track the codes on your site in moments
  • Multiple templates are available for use on the site

07. Wix

Wix is helpful for how well it can produce appealing landing pages. Wix is known for helping people to produce websites that feature an assortment of quality points, although Wix is ideal for those who are aiming to produce landing pages.

The landing page can be adjusted for search engines. You can also edit landing pages to be visible on mobile devices.

The testing feature on Wix’s landing page creator also helps to check on the features on your site, although the simple arrangement of the creator is particularly helpful for ensuring data is managed right.

  • You can work with more than 500 different landing page options on the site
  • Integrates with more than 200 apps
  • Various premade solutions are available for your site

08. Site123

The simple design of Site123 makes for a choice that is suitable for your work efforts. The website editor is popular, although the editor can also work for any unique landing pages that you can create.

You can also make mobile-friendly landing pages and preview them through Site123. SEO tools are also included to help confirm the quality of what you are planning out.

The landing page feature also helps you to link people to other parts of your site. These include segments that lead people to different product pages.

The simple arrangement of Site123 makes for a good way for people to highlight the newest things that they want to show off.

  • Integrates with many social media sites
  • Collaboration projects can be supported through the site
  • Includes more than 150 templates for your convenience

09. GetResponse

The helpful design of GetResponse makes it useful for more than landing pages. You can use GetResponse to produce emails and to funnel responses from your existing email site.

The landing page feature in particular makes GetResponse popular among everything else. You can integrate many features into your landing pages through GetResponse, although the option to use one of the thousands of images from Shutterstock makes GetResponse particularly popular.

But you can also use the image editor included with the tool to produce different designs that work well for your needs.

You can also add a PayPal button on your landing page as needed. The PayPal integration included on GetResponse makes it one of the top options for your landing page generation needs.

  • The analytics feature is detailed and helps with all your reviews
  • You can use forms that collect various bits of data
  • Can work with Facebook and KissMetrics among other sources

10. Landingi

Your next option to see is Landingi. This tool lets you create and publish all your landing pages. You can use the drag and drop editor tool to help you control the content you’re working with.

This may also work for various devices. The tool lets you test your landing pages based on the particular devices you want them to read on.

Landingi offers more than 200 templates for you to work with. You can also produce a thank you page that lets you get in touch with anyone who interacts with your landing page.

This includes a separate landing page for cases where people fill out unique forms.

  • Works with your HTML and CSS elements
  • Use the icon library to add unique icons for social media sites and other features on your site
  • User collaboration features included

Final Word

Be sure to review the sites for each of these landing page creators. The terms for using these tools and how they operate will vary based on the choice you wish to work with.

You can check on the expenses required for using these landing page builders through these sites, although you may find that they don’t cost as much as you might assume they could.

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