20 Best Native Ad Networks That You Can Use in 2020


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The native ad network is an ad format that will match the appearance of the site and make it look like a part of it.

Most of the leading websites in the world show native ads as one of the revenue streams, and advertisers use native ads to showcase the ads in the leading websites.

There are many popular native ad networks that you can utilize for your business right now.

This list of the twenty best native ad networks will be useful when you’re aiming to get your ads out there or when you’re looking for some extra help with getting your work to be more visible.

Showing native ads on your blog can open a new window to earn regular revenue. There are sites making thousands of dollars every month with native ads. All you need is a good amount of traffic. Though the viral engaging content sites are more active in displaying native ads, you can find native ads for any niche these days.

These are options that work well whether you’re aiming to promote your content online or if you need added revenue.

Be aware of what each of these options has to offer when looking for something you will add value to your business.



Taboola is one of the top choices when it comes to native ad platforms. You can get the content on Taboola to showcase on many leading websites in the world and drive high-quality traffic.

The design that Taboola uses provides you with an attractive way to make your work visible.

  • Can get your work to run on channels you select
  • Works on NBC News and MSN among other places
  • You can produce different header images to your liking



Reach your target audience with relevant ads on popular websites and drive high-quality traffic that converts with RichNative:

  • Relevant Advertising: Designed for any website’s context. Set up to 16 user targeting options.
  • Brand Awareness: Pay for impressions of highly involved audience only.
  • User Engagement: Increased impressions and conversion rates compared to banner ads.

Here are some points about what RichNative does to improve your ad performance:

  • You can choose Web and/or In-app ad formats depending on your target audience and goals.
  • You can create an advertisement of many sizes and formats. It may include such components as a brand name, headline, primary image, and body text



AdPushup is not exactly a native ad network but a revenue optimizatio0n platform that will help you to increase your overall ad revenue by optimizing them in many different ways.

They offer a number of features like ad layout optimization without any impact on the user experience. Adblock recovery so that you don’t lose revenue, different ad format options, ad exchange etc.

  • A/B testing layout helps you identify different options for control
  • Header bidding for your ad inventory.
  • You can recover AdBlock losses



The ads that you will produce on ShareThrough will quickly fit in where you are. ShareThrough provides a helpful design that works with a set template.

The template layout lets you produce ads based on unique designs and other inventory features you want to work with.

  • Works with many unique native ads
  • Can work with native videos and displays
  • You can add distinct logos to your work to make your content more visible

Yahoo Gemini Native Ads

Yahoo Gemini Native Ads

Yahoo has its own native ad platform in Gemini. The design works with billions of daily intent signals every day. You can use this by producing ads in many forms, including image and video ads.

Separate templates for app installs, carousel ads, and Tumblr-sponsored posts can be utilized on the site.

  • You can import campaigns from Google Ads to Yahoo Gemini
  • The analytics feature reviews data on exposures by time
  • You can produce ads with many dimension setups and then compare their performances



The native advertising support from Evadav makes it a helpful option to look at as well. Evadav lets you monetize content and also allows you to advertise content.

A small popup can appear on the corner of the screen to produce interactions. The design works well with a higher rate of conversion than what you might find elsewhere.

  • The screen that appears is not overly obtrusive
  • Get weekly payments for advertising through PayPal
  • Referral programs are included

Facebook Audience Network


The Facebook Audience Network is ideal if you’re looking to promote your work through Facebook. You can produce ads that will blend in well with what Facebook lists.

The design lets you quickly get online and handle your content in moments. The convenient layout of the Facebook Audience Network helps you to reach more people.

  • Ads can be accessed with a single click
  • You can produce ads that work with different categories in mind
  • Tailor your reach for your ads based on the audiences you want to get in touch with



NativeAds is an appealing native advertising option that provides a better design with widgets that make ads easy to find. The unique products and layouts included on the site make it very helpful and easy to plan out.

  • The ads fit the form of your site
  • The unique ads produce better arrangements
  • You can work with many forms of media when producing ads


Disqus Native Ads

The design of Disqus allows you to market your work to many people on comment boards around many sites. You can initiate many messages and use Disqus to trigger automatic advertisements and other special messages of value to others.

  • The analytics program provides many options for review
  • You can work with any Disqus boards that you want to work with
  • Includes support for video and audio content



The helpful part of TripleLift is that the site provides unique in-content formats for getting ads ready. These ads can blend in with other bits of content on your site for your convenience.

You can also produce more detailed layouts depending on what you feel is right.

  • You can produce extensive descriptions for display use
  • Create unique header images that fit in with your work
  • Ideal for video and text-based sites



The content highlighted by Outbrain is attractive to show off on your site. You can add your links on the site to produce fun displays that offer more intriguing materials for promotional use.

The setup provides better control for showing off ads of interest. Outbrain is considered as one of the top native ad platforms that you can use.

  • You can add your own unique headline and image on your ads
  • You can program different headings based on what you want to use
  • Does not take much time to load up



Native ad platforms work best when the content being produced is relevant to your interests.

Revcontent does this in that the setup will utilize unique forms of content that are based on what you are trying to promote the most.

What particularly works with Revcontent is that you can adjust the materials you want to use based on what you are trying to promote on your site.

  • Produce unique user experiences by adjusting which ads your content appears near
  • You can work with vertical or horizontal layouts
  • Audience engagement analytics help you identify how well your site is working

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

AdSense is a Pay Per Click ad platform by Google, and one of the most popular and widely used monetizing methods for content publishers.

You can apply to get an AdSense account for your website if you have good quality content and all the parameters are met.

AdSense offers you multiple different ad formats such as banner ads, links, text ads as well as native ads.

  • Offered by one of the top internet companies in the world.
  • You can get different ads produced based on your target audience
  • Ads are more relevant to the interest of your users.



You can use many features on Redirect.com, including features for optimizing your domain or for getting international redirects produced to your liking.

The CPM redirect feature also helps you mow people from one site to yours after clicking on your link, thus giving a better amount of control for making your work managed well.

  • The native ad placements provide a thorough layout that is easy to use
  • You can target specific regions or groups when promoting your work
  • Ads can be programmed to appear at specific times in the week depending on preference



Polymorph provides more support for producing unique ads than what you might recognize elsewhere.

With Polymorph, you can produce ads with a full API that lets you adjust all the technical features of your ads.

The general editor also works well if you’ve got a basic need for editing things on your site without being too complex.

  • You can produce content based on the partners you want to reach
  • The general reporting features from Polymorph make it easier for you to review exposures
  • The SaaS model lets you program when you want to get your ads to be visible



The transparency promoted by Adcash makes it one of the more promising platforms that you can utilize. Adcash offers a helpful design that lets you target people with non-obtrusive ads.

The in-house team provides many fraud filters that will help you with making your ads visible while ensuring your content is not going to be too difficult to manage.

  • You can target specific geographic zones based on where you go
  • Works with hundreds of SSPs based on the platforms you want to highlight
  • You can whitelist and blacklist content based on where you want your content to reach



Nativo adds extra help for handling your on-content returns. With Nativo, you can produce unique customer experiences with content that is designed with specific publishers in mind. You can plan your Nativo experiences on mobile devices of all sizes and layouts.

  • Works on websites for many high-end platforms, including the Wall Street Journal
  • You can track performances through the advanced analytics features
  • The direct client contacts include bot-free support features for reaching more people



MGID provides native acquisition for advertising and publishing needs. You can use MGID to produce content that is non-disruptive and easy to find.

The content can also be programmed to reach people based on demographics or sites. You can program your work to be visible in many situations while offering a simplified approach to handling your work.

  • Works for connections in many visual layouts
  • You can use geographic and language contacts
  • Works with unique displays for each device you want to utilize



Those who prefer to utilize video-based marketing could benefit from what Connatix has to offer. With Connatix, you can work with many bits of content that will help you with producing unique experiences without problems.

You can use editing tools to help you with adjusting any ads you want to use for native marketing purposes. After this, you can get your videos targeted on specific sites of your choosing.

The organization of Connatix provides you with extra help for handling your work.

  • Uses a large syndication network
  • Works on many mobile devices
  • You can use this with many video resolution levels



You can take a look at how MoPub works when you’re aiming to produce appealing things of note. The design of MoPub provides an emphasis on mobile app functions.

The layout works on all major mobile platforms and focuses on producing unique ad campaigns based on your site and any apps you want to use.

The design provides many options for managing your work and can help you with many work needs.

  • Works with hundreds of demand-side platforms
  • You can produce many network mediation plans
  • You can work with multiple insights and other analytical features to your liking



Your last option for a native ad platform is Yieldmo, a system that lets you review many insights based on what your business is doing and what you want to plan for your work efforts.

The layouts of the ads produced by Yieldmo focus mainly on interaction, especially with the ads being laid out on proper segments around your page for your convenience.

The general focus ensures you’ll have more control over your content and with making your efforts visible.

  • Works with text and video content
  • You can adjust which sites you want specific posts to appear on
  • You can also control any Yieldmo plugins that you want to use for monetization purposes


The native ad platforms that you can use for your promotional needs are all ideal choices that make it easier for you to highlight your work in many forms.

Be sure to see how well these platforms can work if you’re aiming to produce quality content that is attractive and adds a good touch for all the promotional work you’ve got to handle.

These choices are suitable for many needs, including for when you’re aiming to promote any new products or other distinct features that you want to highlight where you are.

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