9 Best PayPal Alternatives (2020) For Online Payments

Manage All Your Online Payments With Ease Using Any Of These Services


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PayPal has been the most popular and widely used option for online entrepreneurs to send and receive money online. You can use PayPal to get money out to different parties around the world with ease through your email ID.

However, off late the charges deducted by PayPal forced a large percentage of entrepreneurs to look for PayPal alternatives as the fee and charges are higher than the competitors and even the exchange rate is not good enough.

There are many other options to consider while you look for an option to do business online. These solutions will help you with managing your money transfer effortlessly.

Another aspect that makes you look for the alternatives of PayPal is because the platform is vulnerable to security threats than other programs, what with people from all corners of the world using it as much as they do for their money needs.

In this article, we will look at the best PayPal alternatives that you can utilize if you’re looking to make more out of your efforts in transferring money to other people.

You’ll especially need to look at these options if you have a business that needs to send and receive money regularly and without delay.

Each of these options is useful in many forms. You can find many of these in app form or in desktop layout. You will be impressed with how well the setup on these programs work, especially if you need extra assistance with caring for different parts of your business payment efforts.

Note: It will cost money for you to utilize any of these PayPal alternatives. The cost will be based on how much money your transaction is worth and what charges would be involved based on each deal. Check the websites listed on this report to find information on what you might get out of these PayPal alternatives.

Top PayPal Alternatives


You can use 2Checkout as your first option for a PayPal alternative. 2CheckOut works with eight payment types and can handle hundreds of global markets.

There are about 300 fraud rules used in each transaction with a careful review of how well your account is working and what may be utilized in a transaction.

You will appreciate how well you’re going to make your work run. The helpful part of 2CheckOut is that you can use in on a mobile layout or on a dedicated website you operate.

Either way, the same rules can be used when getting the checkout process handled effectively enough.

  • You can use 2CheckOut to handle subscription billing charges
  • Works with global tax regulations and standards
  • The Avangate Monetization Platform lets you review how money is moving through your business


You can use Authorize.net to accept electronic and credit card payments. Authorize.net is suitable for use in person and online, as well as on phone entries.

Authorize.net is particularly operated by Visa and works with integration for many other payment options, including Apple Pay. The design also works with many other credit cards, although this is useful for Visa cards for the most part.

Fortunately, Visa is the most widely accepted credit card format in the world, so it should not be all that difficult for you to get the help you need off of Authorize.net.

  • You can accept electronic checks from people in person
  • Works with mobile and desktop setups
  • You can use this to handle recurring payments


Skrill uses a wallet setup that helps with simplifying the process of moving money between parties. You can even make payments through Skrill with your email address and password.

You only need one account on Skrill to take care of the payments you want to work with. You can link many credit cards on Skrill, but you can also work with any larger bank accounts you might hold.

The simplicity of the program makes it one of the most useful items that you can incorporate for your work efforts.

Best of all, Skrill works with quick transaction times that help you to get money out in moments without having to wait too long for the money to clear when there is confirmation that a person has money to pay for something.

  • You can use iOS or Android accounts alike
  • Works with access in more than 30 countries
  • Credit cards from all major brands can be supported through your work


ProPay is operated by TSYS as a company that helps with supporting multiple payment solutions for your convenience. You can use ProPay to handle payments for any business type you may have.

You can use a SaaS platform that lets you access different payment functions based on what is available for you at a time.

You can also work with email payments that only require one click to cover or pay-by-text solutions that quickly facilitate faster payments for most general situations.

  • Covers all credit cards, including the Discover and American Express cards
  • Includes options for enterprise and mobile activities
  • You can facilitate payments through ProPay in a few moments


You might have an app at your workplace that is useful for shopping and for making transactions. Dwolla is convenient for how it can be integrated into your app in a few moments.

You can even use the API request feature to get up to five thousand payments sent out at a time, thus providing a faster approach to handling your work.

The customer identification feature also helps you to link to different clients and to confirm them in moments without having to add any third party certification features. The design should move the work forward to ensure your content is run right.

  • You can produce a unique interface on your app while using Dwolla as part of the setup
  • No need to review the technical code
  • Uses consistently updated security controls to confirm data in moments


The design of Stripe makes it a valuable resource for handling online payments.

You can use Stripe if you are running an online business and you need extra help with handling those payments in moments. You can use Stripe to manage content based on how much value is going through and what you wish to develop at a time.

The design of Stripe is arranged to make it work in more than a hundred countries, thus making it one of the more globally-recognized PayPal alternatives you can use.

  • You can use SQL database support for your work
  • Libraries work in every language for your convenience
  • Works in a few moments for most functions


The convenience of Payoneer is something that makes it one of the best PayPal alternatives around. Payoneer works in an assortment of markets, including many growing fields that are useful in many forms.

You can use this for many online advertising efforts and for different e-commerce work points.

  • Works with many freelance platforms in mind
  • The digital marketing solutions provided by Payoneer make it easier for you to produce items
  • You can pay for tax payments through Payoneer, including VAT in the United Kingdom


The safe and secure design of TransferWise makes it one of the most outstanding solutions that you can utilize for your payment needs.

With TransferWise, you can quickly handle work with a better exchange rate for international transactions. The design works quickly without being too hard to support.

You can even use this to get many transactions moving in a few moments, thus being very easy to utilize.

  • Works with large-scale payments through API setups
  • You can use batch payments in many forms
  • You can use a TransferWise debit card to take care of various forms of work (you may need to join a wait list to get this ready)


You can use Square to get payments taken care of anywhere. You can use this with a single app and will help you with making more out of the work you’re going to put in.

You should see how well the design from Square works and that you can make it work for your business thanks to the intuitive arrangement that the app uses for your convenience.

The Square app even uses a digital signature feature that lets you collect signatures from people who are going to pay for items. The support utilized by Square makes it an outstanding solution for your work needs.

  • You can work with many optional hardware items for your convenience
  • You can use many point of sale solutions for work
  • Individual vendor support features are included on the app


As useful as PayPal can be, you should still look at the other options that are available for your use. You’ll need to look at many things surrounding these PayPal alternatives if you’re going to send money to different parties.

Be sure you notice what you will be getting out of your work and that you have a sensible plan for how you’re going to get any of these PayPal alternatives to work for you.

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