10 Best Tools For Vloggers (2020)

The Top Tools for Vloggers to Create High Quality Videos


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YouTube has become one of the top platforms for video producers to make money online, vlogging is a popular career option these days

Anyone who’s trying to be a vlogger will need to look at what one is using when getting one’s video posts out there.

There are several helpful tools for vloggers to use when aiming to make their videos stand out or look more professional. Such quality tools are needed for those aiming to make the most out of their experiences with vlogging.

This listing of the best tools for vloggers features many tools that are made with video production and generation needs in mind.

You’ll find that your videos are very easy to create and share with others when you look at how well these designs work and what you may find out of the content you’re planning.

Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam

Your search for the best vlogging tools should start with this Logitech webcam. This is a model that lets you work with 1080p video on any computer you want to link it up to.

You’ll need a high-resolution rating on your webcam if you want to make it work for any purpose.

The compact body of the webcam also ensures it will not be difficult for you to get a connection running while ensuring your webcam will stay active.

  • Uses automatic noise reduction for your audio needs
  • The clip on the webcam makes it easier for you to connect the webcam going
  • Can work at 30 frames per second or fps

Neewer 2-Piece Bi-Color LED Video Light

Neewer offers this LED video light with two small stands. There are 330 white and 330 yellow LED bulbs included in this light set.

The universal mount bracket also helps you adjust the ways how the light is positioned. Seeing how a quality vlogging production will look better if you have a quality LED video light, you will have to see how a tool such as this can work with your needs.

The aluminum alloy design on the Neewer setup also works with a body that keeps reflections from being a problem when used well enough.

  • The color temperature knobs let you adjust warm and cold lights
  • Works with battery or wall outlet power solutions
  • You can adjust the angles on each video light setup to your convenience

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

Amazon makes a number of unique products under its AmazonBasics line. These products are made with the intention of helping you to adjust the shots you wish to take in moments.

You can adjust the tripod from 25 to 60 inches. The tripod is a little over six pounds in weight as well, thus giving you extra power to carry this where you need it without adding too much weight to whatever you are trying to tote around.

  • The mounting plate releases quickly
  • Two bubble view levels provide a simple tilt and swivel setup
  • You can work with portrait and landscape options for displaying items
AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod


There may be cases where you need to record the things that are on your display screen.

This could be for when you want to show off your website or any programs you have developed in recent time.

Screencast-O-Matic is a helpful tool for vloggers to use when getting the items that they have recorded out to the public.

To use Screencast-O-Matic, you would have to download the program to your computer and then start it up. You can use the program to record videos off of your computer or to edit the videos you produce.

You can also share your videos without ads to the public and even add unique connections and collaborative features to your videos depending on what you want to utilize.

  • Comes with a simple on-screen interface for use
  • Provides full editing tools based on different controls and adjustments
  • Provides a high-resolution layout

Corel Video Studio

There are many video editing programs for you to choose from for your video production needs.

The Corel Video Studio program is one of the top choices to find here. With this program, you can adjust the quality of many features in your videos.

You can adjust the graphic interfaces on your videos and any lighting concerns. The small video and screen recorder features also make it easier for you to adjust the content on your page.

  • Includes a title editor and custom motion support
  • Works with many efforts for producing different effects
  • You can produce morphing and seamless transitions alike
Corel Video Studio

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

There’s always the possibility that you might be trying to take videos and photos while on the go. Sometimes the best videos from vloggers are ones that come about on the road and offer some entertaining shots.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 uses a professional gimbal setup that keeps any small camera or device steady and easy to pivot to your command. You can use this to produce time-lapse videos or panorama among other things.

Live footage can also be shot with a stabilized layout that makes it easier for you to take shots. In other words, this DJI tool is not the typical selfie stick that you might assume it would be.

  • Works with a dedicated zoom button
  • Produces hyperlapse images that display different shots in moments
  • The slow-mo option lets you shoot images with crisp detail

Sennheiser Clip-Mic Digital

Sennheiser is a leading name in the world of audio technology. It is no surprise that so many people can find appealing microphones from Sennheiser.

The Clip-Mic Digital from Sennheiser is a useful tool that you can utilize for vlogging that does more than produce quality sounds. You can also use this to record your voice without having to bear with lots of sound interference or other issues surrounding the quality of your audio.

The digital microphone picks up sounds from various directions and provides a simple design that isn’t too hard to plan out.

Be advised though that this model works mainly for Apple devices. Other versions of this product from Sennheiser are available for other devices, although most of the products available in this class are good for iOS devices that Apple produces.

Be aware of this when looking for something that is easy to use for planning audio efforts.

  • Quick converts signals in moments
  • The omni-directional functionality of the microphone ensures the work is recorded well
  • The plug and play setup means you don’t need to use complicated software to make this work
Sennheiser Clip-Mic Digital

Anker Powercore+ 20100

You’ll need a portable battery source to ensure you can record your vlogs while on the go. This Anker Powercore+ battery comes with 20100mAh of battery power.

You can use this to power up items of all sorts. There are a few USB ports on the battery alongside smaller plugs for Android and iOS devices alike.

The unit can charge up in a short bit as well and will convey power to your device in moments just as well. The design ensures it will not be challenging for you to get the power you need for making the most out of your efforts in recording videos.

  • Includes a 60cm cable for quick connections
  • The power button on the top part makes it easier for you to power up items
  • Works for Type C USB devices
Anker Powercore

Audio Technica ATR2100

The Audio Technica ATR2100 is useful for when you are going to produce voiceovers. You can use this as a separate microphone for when you want to record voiceovers in moments.

The unit is designed as a traditional microphone model that gives you a quick effort in recording items. The USB output on this microphone helps you to connect the unit well.

  • The headphone jack produces sounds without any audible delays
  • The cardioid pattern reduces the pickup of sounds
  • The ergonomic design of the microphone makes it easy to use
Audio Technica ATR2100

AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control For Cameras

Amazon also makes a few wireless remote controls for different camera models. The company produces various camera remotes, although different models are compatible with specific cameras for certain brands.

These include some remotes that are made with Canon cameras in mind. The remote feature lets you activate the controls on a camera and ensures that your vlogs are produced professionally without worrying about things shaking.

More importantly, this keeps your videos easy to see from any angle or position.

  • Features a ten-foot range for use
  • The battery-powered design works for a while
  • Compatible with an assortment of camera models depending on the brand that the remote is good for use on

A Final Word

All of these tools that you can utilize for your vlogging needs are helpful items that will make a real difference with anything you want to do for your work.

Take a look at these vlogging tools, and you’ll see that they are very useful in many ways and will help you to make your videos more useful and valuable to people.

You’ll love how professional and appealing your videos will look when you work with us for all the help you need.

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