20+ Best Torrent Sites for (2019)

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You’ve got plenty of choices to look at when finding torrent sites. These torrent sites are a great source for your entertainment needs.

You can download various movies, games, music files, and other things from these torrents.

This listing of the best torrent sites for you to check out is worth noting in many forms. The torrent sites here are all safe places to check out and will give you many opportunities for finding things of note.

A few notes: Be sure you use an appropriate virtual private network or VPN if you want to enjoy these quality torrent sites. A VPN will mask your identity and ensure your data will not be disorganized.

Also, you must ensure that you have a proper program on hand that allows you to download torrent files to your computer.

A thorough program is needed to open the torrent file and to help you figure out what parts of the torrent are to be opened while also reviewing the quality of the torrent connection in real-time.

These sites are also online as of May 9, 2019. There is a potential that some sites might go down due to legal actions involved.

Some mirrors for these sites may be produced, although there are no guarantees that everything you will utilize will be covered well.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage any kind of illegal file sharing of copyright material. The ownership and responsibility lie on the respective management of these sites.

Bitport is one of the best sites for Torrent download. The performance of this platform is way faster than others and it is fully encrypted.

Another advantage of this Torrent site is that you can stream the videos and you don’t have to download the files if you don’t want to. You can stream it on the PC as well as your mobile phone.

With Bitport you don’t need to download any client, you just have to select the file that you wish to download. Another advantage is that it will complete the download even if your computer is off, so you save on time.



YTS.AM can be seen as the heir apparent to the YTS program. You can get various third-party releases of prominent movies through YTS.AM.

The intriguing part of this is that the setup works in the same way as what the original YTS website utilized. This ensures you’ll have more control over your experiences while online.


The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been working for the past fifteen years as a place that offers thorough torrent downloads.

The site works with various sections for content, although the most popular part comes from how you can sort your searches based on what you wish to find.

The Pirate Bay offers search options for audio files, applications, games, and videos. The site also offers a thorough review of each torrent available based on how many people are transferring the content on the torrent at a time.

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay


1337X has been operating for years in spite of many IP blocks around the world. 1337X continues to be outstanding for offering a full music and television library.

There are separate sections for anime and adult entertainment as well. The site also includes a trending section that lets you know what is out online for you to note.



The lightweight design of TORRENTZ2 makes it a good choice for those who want to get straight to the torrents. TORRENTZ2 reviews dozens of search engines to find details on all the best torrents available.

You only need to enter in your keyword for a search to find something that you would want to check out while online.

There are more than seventy domains listed on the search engine, thus giving you extra help over how you will find the content of value.

Lime Torrents

Another staple in the torrent world, Lime Torrents continues to provide full details on all the torrents people can download.

Users can chat and leave comments on individual torrents they find. Related searches can also be used to help people find more content based on what they are searching for.

The layout of Lime Torrents gives you extra help for what you wish to review.

Lime Torrents
Lime Torrents


Zoogle was established as a replacement to Bitsnoop. After Bitsnoop shut down in 2017, people had started looking around for good alternatives that can work for their torrent needs.

The great thing about using Zoogle is that it provides people with full searches for the most popular movies and shows around. Information on the most-seeded bits of content can also be found here.

The intriguing point is that the software programs seeded on Zoogle appear to be the most popular things that people can download on the site.


Torrent Downloads

The Torrent Downloads name doesn’t necessarily sound all that original, but it is a place that deserves your attention.

With TorrentDownloads, you can find information on the places that have the most seeders and leechers. What’s particularly intriguing is that you can find quality videos of value to you.

Torrent Downloads
Torrent Downloads


Torlock refers to itself as a torrent site that does not offer fake torrents. Rather, the site reviews and analyzes the file content on each torrent to ensure that the data is accurate and correct.

The key is to produce proper results surrounding what one might find online. The number of seeds and peers for each torrent is listed directly on the site to give people details on what they are finding.

Torlock is a place that offers torrents, although the place focuses mainly on offering anime torrents. These are torrents that highlight both subbed and dubbed anime programs.

There’s also an adult section on the site that offers more risqué content for people to search through.

You can also look for torrents by making a search on The site lists torrents in various categories, including torrents devoted to apps, anime, and games.

People can also look for music files based on the formats they want to use. These include MP3 and FLAC formats, not to mention lossless setups and bootlegs of live performances.

People can also download HD movies through There is also a 3D section for movies, although that section is not as prominent as what you would find elsewhere on the site.


Your next option to see is Torrent9, a European site that offers torrents of the content of all styles.

You would benefit the most from finding music on Torrent9, what with the place offering more downloads for music than what many other torrent sites have to offer.

You will appreciate how the site is organized and how you can enjoy many bits of content.

However, it might be a challenge to enjoy some of the video files, what with some of them being in foreign languages. Therefore, Torrent9 may be best if you’re looking for something that specializes in music.



ETTV is a little different from other sites in that this place focuses mainly on television torrents. The television programs you can find here include many from around the United States and other parts of the world.

What makes this interesting is that unlike other places that highlight a strong television presence, this places offers content that has nothing to do with anime.

Of course, people can still find various anime programs on the site just as well.


The verification process that uses is critical for ensuring you’ll have more control over what you plan on downloading.

The verification effort includes a review of how well the content works and how thorough the point may be.

The user review section includes a thorough series of details that will help you identify many positives surrounding what’s around where you are.

You can review different comments surrounding what is available. The sections on the site are also devoted to points like music, software, movies, and games among other things of note.

Torrents Group

The Torrents Group website provides several detailed points surrounding each torrent that you can load up.

The Torrents Group lets you find details based on the name of the uploader or the date that something was uploaded on. You can use the information here to help you identify specific torrents, especially if you are trying to find things from one particular party who uploads things online.


Monova is a place that is very heavily streamlined for the most part. You’re not going to get too many details on the site, but you will be able to get torrent search results in a few moments when you look around at what the site has.

The simple arrangement that Monova uses provides a better approach for going online that you will love using. You can also enter in details on the specific hash that you are trying to search for.

That latter feature is better when you’re certain about the more technical aspects of the torrent you want to utilize.

You can also find torrents on, a place that highlights items with one of the largest databases around.

The most noteworthy part of is that the place offers a good layout that includes details on everything one might be interested in loading up.

The setup that uses is not overly extensive, as the place focuses more on helping people to find that torrents that they want right now.

Torrent Galaxy

The thorough features of Torrent Galaxy provide you with more than just the latest movies that are in theaters right now. You can also use Torrent Galaxy to find details on the best-featured torrents.

The people who operate Torrent Galaxy highlight different torrents throughout the year with an emphasis on highlighting unique things that people might be highly interested in.

You’ll have to look around the site regularly though, as the options for your use are varied in many forms.

Torrent Galaxy
Torrent Galaxy

Kickasstorrents, or, is an appealing choice that you should notice well. Kickasstorrents uses a lightweight body that doesn’t entail anything far too significant or otherwise rough to work with.

You can also create an account with the website where you can list information on some of the intriguing things that you’ll love to search around with.

Be advised that there are many other windows for this torrent site, but the original site is the only real one for you to work with.

A Few Final Words

You will need to be sure when checking out these torrent sites that you are finding torrents that are easy to load up and use in any situation.

You need to confirm that the data you’re getting out of a torrent is laid out well and that you have an idea of what to expect out of your content in particular.

You must also look for any particular mirror sites that these places might have. Mirror sites are spots that are duplicates of the original sites that you’re trying to access.

The mirror layout should be useful when you’re aiming to find a site that might have been removed from the online world for whatever reason. You should analyze the extensions as well, so you know not to mistake them.

Be aware of how well your VPN works too. This point for using a torrent site cannot be emphasized enough, what with it being so risky to go on a torrent site without one.

Each of these places for torrents is popular sites that deserve your attention.

Be sure to look around well for these places and to review what they have to offer for your download demands. You will look at what you can get out of your torrents.

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