8 Best Video Sharing Websites for 2019

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Video sharing sites are exciting and easier for video producers to create and share interesting videos with a large audience.

From marketing to entertainment, no matter what your niche audience is; these sites will help you market your product or services quit effectively through videos.

Let’s look at a few of the best video sharing sites that people can use today. Some of these sites are different based on how you would access and use them, not to mention how these sites are different based on what videos are the key focus of each page.

But you’ll find that each of these sites is worth noting in many ways. You’ll have to look at what you plan on using for your work to make it easier for you to make your work visible.

If you are active on YouTube, you can consider these sites as an alternative to YouTube.



YouTube has become the gold standard among video sharing sites over the years thanks to its simplicity and convenience.

The site uses machine learning to help with identifying recommended videos and for producing suggestions. The HDR and 8K content support features on YouTube make it an indispensable solution for people to utilize for their video needs.

  • Offers support for selling items among those with 10,000 or more subscribers
  • The desktop and mobile versions both support direct uploading
  • Users can monetize their videos with targeted ads


Vimeo Video Platform

People have the opportunity to upload videos up to 20 GB in size depending on their account information through Vimeo.

The video on demand feature also allows people to make their videos visible on demand while ensuring people can get more revenues off of these videos. The design ensures that the site can be more functional for marketing purposes.

  • Live streaming support is available
  • Can automatically archive videos up to 4K in quality
  • Live stats help people review points like peak viewers or the average view time



The functionality of Dailymotion is useful if you are looking to promote your work in specific parts of the world. Dailymotion uses targeting features that make it easier for your site to be visible and useful.

You can also work with different keywords that people can follow. Videos can be created with keywords that are easy for people to target, thus allowing people to get information on various things of value.

  • Includes personalized recommendations for users based on their viewing and searching histories
  • Works with many file formats, including ogg and wmv among other lesser options
  • Your video can be up to 100 minutes in length



You might have a desire to share streaming videos. Twitch is a sensible site for use in this situation. The site works mainly for gaming, but practically anyone can get a video stream going on Twitch.

These include people who want to stream special events among other things

  • People can chat with you in real time while streaming
  • You can work with any resolution settings for all users
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop screens alike



Another video sharing site for people looking for streams is Periscope. The site highlights great streams that can be used on mobile apps.

The design provides a secure body where authorized parties can get on Periscope and start their own streams. These are useful for many live events, and can especially do well with different promotional efforts of note.

  • People can chat with you during a live stream
  • Secure login information ensures no one will try to utilize copyrighted data
  • Provides support for various mobile cameras, including ones built into tablets and phones



People have been promoting blockchain-based entities in various fields over the years.

LBRY is the latest of these blockchain entities to check out today. LBRY provides sensible support for people who want to find a decentralized approach to getting their videos online.

With LBRY, you can post your videos for free or make them visible to others for a price based on the token utilized by LBRY. The revenues you could get out of LBRY are impressive, which is important given the functionality of the blockchain network.

The site also provides a clear explanation over how it works, which helps if you are uncertain as to what you would get out of a blockchain setup.

  • You can produce a full channel that people can subscribe to
  • You can produce many channels based on different topics of value to you
  • Establishes a simple interface for accessing videos that is easy to work with



Byte is a little different from the other sharing sites on this list, but the design of Byte makes it very different.

In particular, Byte is based on the platform that the late service Vine used. That is, you would produce short videos on Byte that are only a few seconds in length each.

Each video makes it easy for people to promote content quickly and is useful for brief updates or for teasers among things that you might want to share with others.

  • Offers support for mobile devices
  • Convenient for quick notes
  • The design has a Vine-like interface that only takes a few moments to get used to



Vevo is particularly useful for musicians. Vevo lets people upload music-related content online. People can use Vevo-branded videos to find trusted things like music videos, concert highlights, and much more.

This system works great for those who are in the entertainment industry and want to highlight many things of note.

  • Can work with videos of varying lengths
  • Many Vevo videos can be shared on other websites including YouTube
  • The interface that Vevo uses on its site is easy to search through and utilize


Video sharing sites are designed with many features for everyone’s use. Be sure to look at what is available when you are aiming to make the most out of your video sharing efforts.

You will find that these sites are useful for many of the outstanding needs you might have when sharing your work with others on various video sites.

If you find the article useful, don’t forget to share it.


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