6 Best Ways to Increase Twitter Reach in 2020


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Are you trying to make your Twitter reach a little larger in scope in 2019? The good news is that the process of bringing more people out to your Twitter page isn’t all that hard to complete.

Other than being a good traffic source the main advantage of Twitter is that you can establish yourself as on any topic.

Like any other platform, Twitter also might look a little difficult to grow initially which gets easier once you reach a certain number in following.

You can do a few things to help yourself with making your Twitter page more visible and useful for everyone.

This listing of ideas should particularly do well for helping you to find people who will be interested in what you have to offer to them.

#1. Follow People Appropriately

You can always increase your Twitter reach by following the right people in your field. You can work with a plan for following influencers in your industry.

These include people who might understand what is happening in your field and what you can get out of the work in question.

The best thing to do when following people is to stick with smaller Twitter users. These include people who do not follow as many as others.

Those smaller users will be more likely to notice that you are liking their work and will then follow you back in return. This positive interaction makes it easier for people to trust you and to support the work that you are putting in.

To find the active profiles in your niche, you can simply make a search and follow the people who are actively sharing new content.

#2. The Follow Nofollow Game

Another approach could be the follow and nofollow game which surely works but may not be safe always.

In this process, you can follow certain number of people and wait for 2-3 days to see how many of them follow you back. In the next process, you can nofollow the users who didn’t follow you back and repeat the process.

You can use any of these tools to nofollow the users who didn’t follow you.

#3. Use Hashtags With Caution

You need to watch carefully for what you are getting out of your hashtags. You can make your hashtags work in many cases, but it helps to see how those are organized.

Tweets that include hashtags tend to be seen by about 10 percent more people than the ones that don’t have those hashtags.

Also, people like it when you add a bit of life into your Twitter feed with hashtags. Therefore, it should be fine for you to use hashtags when promoting your work.

But the main point about using hashtags. In this case, is to avoid anything that might be too extensive or unnecessary.

You need to look at how unique your hashtags are and that you’re not trying to use anything too outlandish or common. Also, keep the hashtags you use in check to where you’re using just a few at a time.

Try to avoid anything that might be too commonplace as well. Anything that is descriptive enough without looking like it will be repeated many times over is always good to add to your Twitter posts.

#4. Include Photos and Other Media Formats

It has never been easier for people to load up media files on their Twitter feeds. This is especially the case with today’s mobile devices. Such items can load up photos and other items from Twitter in moments.

Sharing photos, videos, and live streaming content is a great idea for enhancing your Twitter reach. This allows people to be more interested in your work and to forward your content to others who they deem might be interested in your work.

Also, adding photos helps you to illustrate more of what you have to offer.

Tweets with some kind of visual content added tend to get shared more often than the ones that do not have such bits of content. You should add photos and other points to get in on the positives.

#5. Review When You Time Your Tweets

You need to watch for how often you tweet and when you send your messages out. You cannot go and post lots of random posts in a short period of time.

Rather, you have to space your messages out to where people can digest your work as it comes out. Do not force lots of words to your readers or else they will be less interested in your work.

Also, excessive tweeting may cause your feed to overwhelm some of the others that people are trying to review.

This does not mean that you should avoid getting into a sensible schedule for tweeting. A good rule of thumb would be to tweet at times when you feel people would be likely to see what you have to offer.

You can review times for tweeting based on things like when people might be on your site and how much they want to see what you are offering.

#6. Get Your Profile Optimized

The fifth point to note is to avoid using a generic profile. With people these days being more concerned about bots and other artificial forms of intelligence getting in the way of their social media experiences, it is no surprise that people are often reluctant to share things with one another on social media.

There are some who might feel that various Twitter profiles are run by bots that are only out there to cause trouble or to inflate certain things.

You need to optimize your profile to make it so people will notice that you are legitimately trying to promote things on your site.

You can work on this by producing a clean profile photo that is unobstructed and easy to notice.

A brand logo may be used if you have one. Either way, a high-resolution image that offers a clear display of something that includes details surrounding what you are offering will always help.

Proper keywords and tags surrounding your industry and location should be included as well.

The content has to be detailed enough to where people will notice what you have to say and what you want to do. Also, you can include a link to a website you operate so people will know that they can reach you elsewhere.

A profile with a bit of extra personality always helps as well. You can add that personality to show that you are intriguing and that there’s something about you that is interesting and deserves to be explored.

Each of these five solutions should help you with making the most out of the work you plan for Twitter in 2019.

You’re going to get more people to your site when you look at how well Twitter can work for you.

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