10 Best Ways to Monetise Your Blog in 2020


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Started a new blog? Wondering how to make money out of it? Well, we have covered the solution in this article.

Though it is good to monetise a blog as early as possible, your first priority should be driving solid traffic to your blog.

Because for online business, traffic is = revenue

More the traffic your blog receives the more option you have to make money from your blog.

Starting a blog is the easiest part of the process, the main task starts when you have to create high-quality articles regularly and monetize the incoming traffic the right way.

Though the method of monetizing a blog will differ depending on the niche of the blog, there are certain methods that will work on most of the niches.

This this article, we will discuss some of the generalized blog monetizing options we can try.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:10 Best ways to monetize a blog in 2019    

#1. Monetize With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a pay per click advertising platform owned by Google, and the most popular monetizing solution as well.

Just in case if you do not know what Google Adsense is, let us give you some quick idea about the platform.

AdSense is Google-powered platform which lets you show a variety of different ads (text, image, links and more) on your site and you get paid everytime someone clicks any of your ad.

However, make sure to read the AdSense terms thoroughly; they will not give a second though before babbing your account if you break any of the AdSense terms.

Never at any cost click an ad on your own site or ask your friends or family to do so, your account will be banned almost instantly.

Google is very strict about AdSense policies, so make sure to tick all boxes to keep your account safe.

Also, getting AdSense account approval may not be as easy as you might think. Make sure to create value before you apply for an AdSense account.

However, if you follow their guidelines, then you should not face any issue.

Just make sure before applying your blog for Google Adsense your blog has enough articles and some traffic to it.

Note: This method of monetization may not be good for a blog with limited traffic, you need thousands of daily visitors to make good money with Google AdSense.

#2. Monetize With Affiliate Markting

Other than Adsense, affiliate marketing is one of the most widely used ways to monetize a blog.

And the best part of Affiliate marketing is that you will not need a high traffic site to get started as an affiliate. In fact, a little traffic can also give you a good amount of revenue if your have targeted traffic to your blog.

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone’s product through your blog and whenever there is a sale you will get a commission.

Make sure to do some research before you choose the products to promote. Stick to your niche related products for best results.

There are two way to go about affiliate marketing, you can join individual programs or you can choose affiliate network sites, or you can go for mix of both.

For example, if your niche is WordPress; you can join MyThemeShop’s affiliate program and promote their products at the same time you can join affiliate networks like Shareasale and join programs related to your niche.

The affiliate networks are the platform that connects the affiliate business owners with the publishers.

#3. Sell Banner Ads

You can also sell ad space on your website. There are a number of companies that create products around different niche and they look for websites where they can advertise their products.

You can sell banner ad spance on your site, especially the sidebar of your site is one of the most effective place to display ads.

You can do this in two ways. First, you can directly approach top brands and ask them if they are interested or not. Another approach could be using a popular platform like buyandsells.com to get potential advertisers for your site.

All, you need to do is sign up on their website and submit your website. After that, your website will get reviewed by them. And if it has enough traffic, you will get approved.

#4. Write Review Of Products

You can also make money by writing reviews of products. There are quite a lot of companies that pay bloggers like to write a review about their product.

However, when it comes to getting paid reviews, the journey is not easy.

If you are creating a product review blog, you can directly approach different companies and ask them if they would be interested or not at the starting, and once your blog becomes popular, you will not have to reach out but they will find out and approach you.

If a company is promoting a product on a large scale, then do try to find that company’s competitors.

You can reach out to all those companies with your product review proposal.

#5. Paid Guest Posts

This is another effective favorite monetizing method these days. As you already know how important guest posts are for off page SEO.

The big companies pay a lot of bucks just to get a guest post from websites that have some traffic and high domain authority.

The amount you charge for the guest post will depend on the overall quality of your site, so make sure to have a very professional looking design for your blog as well as high content standard.

Also, while accepting a guest post make sure the website you are giving a link is relevant to your website’s niche.

#6. Sell your services

Are you good at something? Like website development, content writing, graphics designing and any other thing?

Well if your answer is yes then you can also sell your services through your blog. As you start working on your blog, your blog will get traffic. And it would be a nice idea to let your readers know that you are offering some services.

For example, if you have a website that talks about the best web hosting, then your readers might also be interested in website development services.

And you can simply grab their attention by mentioning that you also offer the same service.

This way you are directly promoting your services. In case if any of your readers get interested in taking your services then charge them for the job.

#7. Sell Your Products

You can also sell different products on your websites. There are quite a lot of people who sell different things from their blog.

Some of the bloggers sell ebooks and some of them sell their own developed software or something else.

For example, if you have created an unarchive tool for Mac then you can publish an article on your blog with the topic of “Top 5 Unarchive tools for Mac” and include your software name. Then you can simply link the software name to a payment link.

Now every time someone gets interested in that tool people will pay for it. And the other way, you will be making money.

This way you do not have to spend your money on advertising your product instead you simply need to focus on getting your article ranked for the keyword.

#8. Provide Online Training

Do you have some teaching skills? if yes then you can provide online training to your readers and charge money for it.

For example, if you are good at coding and capable of teaching it. Then you can simply promote the online training course through your website and if your readers get interested in it they will surely pay for it.

However, asking the readers directly to join your course would not be the right thing. Even this would not make the readers interested in your thing at all.

First you need to offer value for free, educate them and then pitch your training offerings.

And when you do believe that it is the perfect time to do this, simply push an email to your readers and see how it goes.

#9. Shorten Links

Do you provide download links throughout your websites? If yes, then you actually make money from it. There are quite a lot of people who are adding a shorten link between their website and the downloadable file.

And every time someone clicks on that link, the link takes the users from a bunch of ads and then to the file.

As most of the online services work on ads based system, hence there are lots of shortening links websites pays the publishers.

There are quite a lot of URL shorteners websites are available online which pays well. Some of the names are the Linkshrink.net, Linkvertise, shorte.st and so on.

However, I will not recommend this personally as it will make your blog look spammy.

#10. Flip Your Website

There are times when most people think about quitting their blog. However, quitting their blog is not the right thing that one should do.

Instead, it is a better idea to sell it to a person who can grow the blog and make money out of it.

There are quite a lot of people are interested in purchasing existing websites. Flippa is one of the top sites to sell websites. Either way, you can also build new websites and sell them to make money.

Final Words

So those were the 10 best ways to monetize a blog in 2019. Now go ahead and try these methods out and see which one of these working the best for you.

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