12 Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2020 for Quick Communication

Some of the best alternatives of Whatsapp that you can use to communicate with your friends and family as well as for your business


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As useful as WhatsApp can be when you’re aiming to communicate with people in real time, it helps to notice what other options are out there for your communication needs.

Here are a few of the top WhatsApp alternatives for you to check out right now. These are some very useful apps that do well with helping you to make free calls while offering various additional features for your convenience.

The great thing about these WhatsApp alternatives is that they are apps that are sensible and provide many ways for your use.

These are options that help you with various controls, although the types of things that you will get out of WhatsApp will help you in many forms for all your communication demands.

It helps to see what makes these apps distinct and useful for when you need to get in touch with others and enjoy what’s out there in the chat world.

01. Telegram

One of the most popular alternatives of WhatApp, Telegram offers end-to-end encryption to keep your messages safe.

Telegram is available for Android, iOs as well as PCs, so you can use this service for messaging almost from any platform. It offers you the option to create a group of upto 200,000 members which is a huge number.

The kind of security and group messaging option it offers, Telegram is a great choice not only for individual members but also for small and medium size business ventures to keep everyone in the loop.

  • The messages are fully secure and encrypted
  • Options to create groups upto 200,000 members
  • Telegram is free to use forever

02. Viber


Viber is an app offered by Rakuten. You can produce free calls with Viber while also working with audio or video call features. You can also set up group chats with Viber.

The option to add unique expressive motion stickers with Viber makes it a more intriguing app for your use as well.

  • All content sent through Viber is fully secure and encrypted
  • Works for all major platforms
  • You can use up to a hundred contacts with Viber

03. LINE

Line App

The most intriguing part about using LINE is that the setup has plenty of appealing character designs and other features for your convenience.

LINE also does well with helping you to produce video calls with your front camera. You can also take photos or videos in real time and send the content out to other people with LINE.

You have the option to link up to other accounts on LINE and get real-time information from those groups at your convenience.

  • A family setup helps you to get in contact with others fast
  • The timeline feature lets you work with different controls in moments
  • You can also play unique chat games on LINE while making video calls

04. Skype


Skype has long been a prominent staple in the world of online communication. This is thanks to how Skype offers a simple interface for use on most major platforms.

You can use Skype to make fast calls and produce contacts with people in many forms. You can also use separate screens and displays that work with different types of controls in mind, thus adding to the convenience.

The screen sharing feature also works for presentation purposes.

Also, don’t miss our Skype alternatives collection.

  • The video calls produced are made in full HD
  • You can get live subtitles working during video calls
  • The screen sharing feature works with both desktop and mobile devices

05. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another app that is worth noting. Hangouts provide a simple user setup that is easy to enjoy working with.

You can particularly use Hangouts for when you want to reach people on your mobile device. The streamlined and modern layout of Hangouts makes it a convenient app for use.

The ability to share video and audio bits on Hangouts makes it an indispensable app for your use as well.

  • Works with many mobile devices
  • The interface lets you control the alerts that you get when using the app
  • The quick body of Hangouts adds a convenient approach for use all around

06. WeChat


WeChat is an appealing app for people to notice when looking for WhatsApp alternatives. With WeChat, you can get in touch with other people with a secure design.

In fact, WeChat even requires you to scan a screen with your phone to log in. The design is convenient, while you also have the option to log in to WeChat with your email address or your Facebook account among other sources.

The simple design that WeChat utilizes helps you make the most out of your communications and with getting online in a matter of moments.

  • You can share images with the setup in moments
  • The video chat feature is simple and adds a quick approach to work
  • You can get the setup ready with a quick design for your needs

07. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

The helpful design of Facebook Messenger makes it an ideal app that you will enjoy utilizing. You should see how Facebook Messenger works when managing many things relating to different concepts.

The design works well for when you’ve got a Facebook account, which is useful given that so many people have Messenger to work with already.

You can establish a group on messenger and also set up unique hangout activities that people will love to check out. You can also add distinct emojis and other effects for fun.

  • The interface is streamlined and simple for your use
  • Works in a few moments for loading messages
  • You can organize your content on the setup in moments

08. Tango

Tango App

You can also use Tango if you’re aiming to get online and do more with your work when chatting with others.

Tango is an app that focuses mainly on video calls, although it can also help when you want to make voice calls or send text messages.

The convenient layout of Tango facilitates many calling functions and only takes a few moments for you to work with, thus making it an essential app for use.

You can also sign up in moments by allowing your mobile contact number to be fully verified.

  • The interface for Tango offers a streamlined and controlled approach
  • The video chat feature has a high-quality resolution
  • The process of starting up the app only takes a few moments for you to complete

09. Kik

Kik Messaging App

You have the option to get Kik to work in moments for your communication needs. The simplistic nature of Kik makes it a valuable choice, as it gives you many ways to communicate.

But the various GIFs and images you can use when chatting with Kik make it a more intriguing choice for your use.

You can also use the various bots that Kik offers for chat purposes or to get information in real-time from these entities.

Some of these chatbots can also facilitate chat games and other fun features for you and other users to enjoy playing with in real-time.

  • Can link up to various codes for your convenience
  • The lightweight design of Kik makes it easy for you to load up content in moments
  • The arrangement uses many sensible controls for your general work

10. Threema

Threema Messaging App

Threema is another very useful messaging app with high level of security. Your messages will be safe on the Threema platform. Also, you don’t need phone number to chat using Threema, you have the option to chat anonymously.

  • Available for Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iOS
  • High level security

11. KaKaoTalk


KaKao has introduced its Talk app as a WhatsApp alternative that is available for mobile and desktop computers alike.

The design does well for communication, but this especially works well for managing various files of value to you. You can send files up to 100 MB in size.

These include voice files, zip files, and documents of all sorts. You can also adjust the transparency settings in various chat rooms to help you with allowing people to see certain chats or to conceal data in some of the chat rooms you’re in.

  • Excel spreadsheet interface option available for use
  • Lock mode helps you to keep your privacy while online
  • You can search for content with the Tab feature in moments
  • Available in various languages

12. LiveProfile

Your last choice to see is LiveProfile, an app that helps you to organize the content you have when communicating with others.

LiveProfile offers a chronological timeline option for your convenience. You can also use the group chat feature to stay in touch with others.

The fully encrypted design that LiveProfile uses also ensures you’ll be capable of keeping your connections intact without risking anything being stolen.

  • The useful design takes only a few moments for you to load up
  • The arrangement of LiveProfile is heavily streamlined based on what works here
  • The high-resolution images facilitate simple use

13. Wickr


Wickr is a safe end to end encrypted platform for team collaboration and communication platform. It’s a video conferencing platform which is a very important requirement for businesses these days.

A platform that is quick and safe is the requirement for business to collaborate with team members sitting at different locations.

It offers you all the important requirement such as secure connection, video conferencing, file sharing, bots integration and more.

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Safe data exchange

A Final Note

You need to look at how well these apps function and how they can work for you. But you should also look at how these apps operate based on how they function.

The thing is that some apps are free to use, but others have advanced versions that offer more features.

Fortunately, the basic versions of these apps are good enough for your use. Check around to find out what works for you.

Also, you need to ensure you have the latest version of your mobile operating system to use any of these apps. I

t should not be hard to make this work though. You can get these apps for either major operating system, specifically Android or iOS, in moments for your convenience.

This should give you extra access to what you want to get out of your work.

The things you will get out of these WhatsApp alternatives are helpful, but you need to notice well what you are getting out of them.

Be sure to compare these apps well so you’ll have a better time with using them and making the most out of your online experience.

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