Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Dating Site: Most Widespread Mistakes


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Even very experienced marketers make mistakes: it happens that the online strategies conducted by them don’t bring the desired results.

But you can increase the chances of success by avoiding the mistakes listed below.

Digital Marketing for Dating Sites

1. The lack of clear goals for the campaign

One of the most serious mistakes is that before launching the site, it is not possible to decide on the desired results in advance. To track success, you need to set quantitative goals and take care of the correct control of their achievement.

2. Lack of focus on the desired target audience

Even with the most convincing strategies of your dating site, you can miss a ton of opportunities if you don’t deliver the message at the right time to the right audience.

What if your audience is mostly men, and they want to know how to seduce a girl, and you give tips on how to break up with your girlfriend and other nonsense that is absolutely not needed?

3. Bad name, logo, and design

It is important to think carefully through the name, sign, colors, slogans, and melodies by which consumers recognize you – your brand will be built on these terms.

If initially the components are chosen incorrectly, then this will certainly affect the results of the marketing strategy.

4. Lack of a customer-oriented approach

This is the most fatal and frequent marketing flaw of all. The problem with the true understanding of your customers is that you choose the wrong messages, the media, the way to promote everything! Marketing plays a key role in attracting users to your site.

Sites that are not in a hurry to adopt a client-oriented approach will be lagging behind. Personalization, targeting, interaction cycle planning, and data analysis help find an individual approach to each customer and make them return.

5. Ignoring mobile platforms

Today mobile devices have become preferable for consumers: they spend 62% of all time in smartphones, and more than half of the time devoted to mobile gadgets is spent on using applications. Therefore, a mobile strategy is simply necessary.

6. Opt-out marketing via email

Today there is a lot of hype around new marketing strategies but rejecting traditional emails can be a costly mistake. The boundaries between service and marketing are blurred, but email remains the connecting link of the customer engagement cycle.

7. Buying fake users

The numbers certainly make you popular and trustworthy in the eyes of others. But over time, people begin to understand more about dating sites and, by some signs, can determine that you “bought” fake users.

And as soon as this happens, a message immediately spreads across the network that you shouldn’t be trusted.

8. Use few advertising sources

Or even just one. Meanwhile, instant messengers, online consultants, chatbots, and other advertising sources appear in the world. If you use all or most of them to attract users, this is called the buzzword “multichannel.”

9. Inattention to competitors

To develop a unique offer for future customers, you need to know the offers of competitors. Auditing competitors’ sites or applications will help you better understand the market, audience needs, and hone their competitive advantages.

Manually or using special services, monitor competitors’ external marketing activity, study their activity on social networks, banners, text ads, video ads, application pages in application stores (if competitors have them), and all ways of communicating with users.

Also, analyze download speed, site interface, usability, site structure, and additional services

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