Divi Theme Review 2019 (20% Discount)

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Divi Theme review, one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes available for the WordPress users. We will have a look at the details of the design to understand it better.

If you are looking for a new theme for your site, Divi is one of the highly recommended themes that is used by a huge community of WordPress users.

The theme is created to bring unlimited design options to your site and it is coded all the best practices to make sure that your site is in safe hands.

The core potential of Divi Theme is in the Divi Builder and the community of users that is backing this strong & powerful WordPress theme

Welcome to the Divi Theme review, if you ever wanted to use this amazing theme on your site; this article will help you to understand it better before you get started. We also have a discount deal for you to help you save some dollars.

So, let’s get into the details of the theme.

Divi Theme is fueled by the powerful drag-and-drop Divi Builder plugin that brings unlimited design possibilities to this theme. 

Divi is the perfect theme for the developers and newbie users alike. If you are managing a web design agency and you create a website for your clients’ it is important to use a theme that is completely customizable to make a unique site, it is created with best SEO and security practices to make sure that your agency receives positive reviews from happy customers.

In fact, many leading web design agencies are already using the Divi theme for their clients.

And as far as the newbie users are concerned, the Divi Builder will make sure that you are able to create a completely unique design for your site without writing a single line of code.

Divi Theme Demo

Getting Started

The Divi Theme is a new-age design that is constantly evolving with the changing design trend.

As the theme is backed by one of the most experienced ElegantThemes team, you can expect all the best features and trends that will come into life with the changing need.

When you unbox the Divi theme, you get 20 ready to use demo design templates that you can use to create your site. These templates will be very helpful for newbie users to get a foundation to create the site.

You can choose any of the demo design templates and customize it further to make it your own. You can import any of the demo templates with just one-click and start your site within a few minutes

However, you will never have to stick to these 20 demo designs because you can create your own layout very easily by using the website builder.

Devi Demo Designs

Getting Started With The Divi Builder

One of the most powerful drag-and-drop front-end builder for WordPress, the Divi Builder is loaded with amazing options and very easy to use design.

The Divi Builder is created to make things easier for you. You can create any kind of design with the builder without writing a single line of code.

Divi Modules

The Divi Modules are the building blocks for your site. The Divi Builder brings in a number of amazing modules to your site so that you are able to insert modern functionalities into your pages with just a click.

Add a new row and click on add a module to insert any module to your page.

Add New Module

Backend & Frontend Page Builder

The Divi Builder gives you the option to choose between the back-end or front-end builder for your site. Both options are simple and easy to use.

All you need to do is to drag any of the page modules into the builder and start editing it.

If you are using the back-end editor of Divi, you can drag the elements that you need on your page and edit them.

The front-end builder is even easier. When you hover on any section of your page, you will see the icons to edit them.

Click on the option and get started with your editing. When you over on a section, you will see a plus sign, click on that to get the editing options.

Editing a site was never so easy. You don’t have to be a developer to customize your site perfectly. The Divi front-end builder gives you click and edit option.

Just click on the modules you wish to edit, it will show you the option to edit. You can add text and other elements to the module. You can go through an unlimited number of undo and redo to get the picture-perfect design for your site.


Click and Add a New Module

You can add a new module to any section of your site in just a click. It was never so simple. You have the search option in the panel to find any new module to place on your site.

It needs just a single click to change the layout of any section. You already have multiple ready to use layout options to choose from.

Change the Layout of The Editing Panel

You can change the layout of the editing panel with just one click. If you are editing on a desktop and need a wide editing panel, click and change the layout. If you are editing on the phone, make it vertical.

Divi Editing Layout

Divi Library

The Divi Library is one of the very important and useful additions to the builder. You can create your design and save that to use in the future so that you can save the designing time.

It is very simple, you just have to click and same your template to store it in the library.

Save to Library

Shape Dividers

Shape Dividers are a very useful aspect of the Divi Builder. You can divide two different sections of the design to make them look better.

Most of the premium websites, especially the business websites that need to showcase products or services use the shape dividers regularly.

With Divi, you will be able to divide two sections with beautiful ready to use shapes.

Intelligent color Manager

Divi comes with intelligent color manage option that will help you to pick the same color options through our your site.

The editor will display the same color option while you start picking colors for different sections of your site that you have already used.

Custom Styling Modules

We have already spoken about adding new modules on the fly while you design your site.

Divi offers you a quick option to style each module that you use on your site so that all your modules are designed with the same color options as well as typography.

Share With The Community

We have mentioned at the start of the article that the community around Divi Theme is one of its core strength.

The number of users increased fro this theme over the years who created some stunning designs and constantly sharing with the community.

The Divi Builder offers you an easy option to export and import new Divi templates that you can use on your site. You can also share with the community when you create something beautiful.

Theme Customizer

The WordPress theme customizer is loaded with amazing features and options to help you change things easily.

You will get the live preview of the changes you to make to the design before you make them live on your site.

Divi Options Panel

We spoke about the Divi Builder, how strong and easy it is to use. Along with that, the Divi Theme offers you a very useful theme options panel with the important settings for your site.

From uploading the logo, Favicon, adding Google Analytics code, managing ads on your site to many other important actions can be taken from the theme options panel.


Marketing Modules

Divi Leads

With the introduction of Divi Leads it has come even more powerful and complete for the marketers and agencies.

The Lead Lead is a powerful A/B testing mechanism to understand what works for your site. Though there are a number of amazing A/B testing plugins available for WordPress, a built-in option surely helps the users.

Also, the kind of depth and options the Divi Leads offers, one plugin can do that. You can test every single design option, text, layout, structure for your site to make it a full-proof business.

You can do an unlimited number of split testing to get the perfect combination for your site. You have set specific goals to the testing set and analyze the results.


Email Marketing

Once you buy Divi membership, you don’t have to depend on any external tools to manage your email marketing.

You will have a powerful email subscription form builder with a modern design and connect them to any leading email marketing providers.

Divi co0mes with its own lead generation as well as detailed insight option so that you can grow your business constantly.

Email Marketing

Use In Different Languages

Divi is a big product with a big audience and user base. The theme makes it simple for you to translate and use the theme in many other languages.

Divi is readily translated into 32 other languages if you don’t want to have the English version.

Translated Into 32 Languages

Solid Security

Security is very important for any business. When it comes to online business, you need to make sure that you have a proper backup of your site.

Divi Theme is created with the best security features and it has been run through a number of security tests to make sure that your site is in safe hands.

Final Word

Divi is one of the most popular and widely recommended WordPress themes available in the market. No matter what niche are you in, the Divi Theme will perfectly fit your need.

The theme comes with the unlimited potential to make things easier for online businesses. If you are creating a new site or looking forward to changing the design of your site Divi is one of the best options you have.

The advantage of the Divi Theme is that it is backed by a very experienced and strong team. So, you can expect the top quality in terms of support.

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