Google Site Kit For WordPress: What Is It All About


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Google has recently released a press statement about the new Site Kit for WordPress users.

So, what its it all about? 

The Site Kit will be an open source WordPress plugin that will make it easy for the users to get the insight from important Google products like Google Analytics, AdSense, Search Console, Page Speed right on the WordPress dashboard. 

The plugin will be released to beta testers in early 2019. You can go here and fill the form if you would like to get early entry to the plugin. 

How Is It Going To Help? 

Though there is no new tool in the Site Kit to start with, it will surely going to save a lot of time. 

Now, you will not have to leave your site and login to your Google Analytics account to check the stats.

Most of the Analytics users check the overall performance of the site and daily/monthly traffic but not deep page level performance, at least not the new bie users.

Now, with the Site Kit the WordPress users will be able to check performance of every page right on the site, it will show important insight of the pages to take action on time. 

Google Site Kit Page Performance
Google Site Kit Page Performance

The plugin will keep showing you important achievements to keep your motivated. 

Most of the users are a regular visitor of Google Analytics but not th Search Console where the important updates come up. 

If your site has any issue, the message comes in the Search Console Account. 

In fact, the Search Console is one of the power houses of information. If you are managing a site, and you understand to use the Search Console to best of it’s potential, it will help you grow your business in a much better way. 

With Site Kit on your WordPress setup, you will get all the information right on your dashboard.

Page Speed Insight

Page loading time is extremely important from the SEO as well as user experience point of view. 

Google will be integrating the Page Speed console to the Site Kit to keep your aware if you need improvement. 

We will be updating this information as more updates comes up about the Google Site Kit

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