Hashtags in Google Maps: How to Take Advantage?


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The rating on Google Map is oxygen for many businesses around the world, especially in the service industry.

Google is constantly adding new features and trying to make it more interactive and useful for the general users to find the best services, restaurants, hotels etc. around in the locality.

The latest addition is the option to add the hashtags. According to a report by TechCrunch Google has recently introduced the hashtag option in the Google Map to help users find the places recommended by other users.

The hashtag support has been globally introduced for the Android Devices. The users can go back and update their old reviews written in the past by adding hashtags to them.

hashtags on Google Maps

Other than finding the best restaurants, hotels and other services; the new #hashtag feature is expected to help people to find the places for meetups and other activities when one visits a new place.

The future has been put to use by announcing it to the users of the Local Guides program who are constantly helping Google with reviews, photos and other business details for the places they visit.

Google Local Business Guide
Google Local Business Guide Program

How You Can Take Advantage of The Hashtag Feature

If you are managing a local business and Google Map has been one of your channels to drive customers, you can surely use the new hashtag feature to your advantage.

You need to understand the hashtags will be used by users to find places on Google Map, so the hashtags used has to be specific.

Suppose you are managing a vegetarian restaurant, so the hashtags used has to be the with keywords that are generally used by the user to find a vegetarian restaurant.

You can request your customers, regular visitors to write a review on Google Map with proper hashtags so that other visitors around your locality can find your business easily.

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