How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing (5 Tips)

Start your career in one of the most demanding niche at the moment


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Are you looking to start a career in digital marketing? If that’s a resounding yes, you’ll love today’s article.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers a lot of marketing activities done over the internet. It is just like traditional marketing without the bill boards, newspaper ads and TV commercials. 

Everything is done via and on digital platforms such as websites, apps, social media, email and so on.

You will be glad to learn that digital marketing is expanding exponentially as more and more organizations take to the internet to drive sales.

Digital marketing is a broad field with various roles. The role you ultimately fill depends on your passion and skill set. All the same, digital marketing jobs are as exciting as they are lucrative. 

You can decide to be a content strategist ($70,175/yr.), SEO expert ($53,338/yr.), or digital marketing manager ($69,755/yr.), among others. Some jobs pay up to $170,000 per year depending on the company and location. (according to Glassdoor)

Job In Digital Marketing

The point is there are countless digital marketing roles and they need filling as we speak. Plus, you also enjoy a lot of benefits such as working from home (great for situations such as Coronavirus), unlimited paid time off, flexible schedule, health insurance, 401(k) matching, and much more.

With that preamble, we shall highlight a couple of tips to help you land your dream digital marketing job.

Top 5 Tips to Start a Digital Marketing Career

As you read, keep mental notes of what you need to improve. Remember that there is no one clear path to a fulfilling job in digital marketing.

As such, charge forward, follow your heart, and put in the required effort.

01. Create an Online Presence

If you’re reading this, you are a digital marketer in the making, right? Of course, you are. But if a potential employer was looking for you, can they find you online?

Well, they are looking for somebody who will help them to be found online. So, it makes sense to have a solid online presence. After all, why should your potential employer believe your resume if you can’t market yourself?

Nowadays, it incredibly easy and cheap to whip up professional websites thanks to tools such as, Wix and other website builders. Creating profiles on social media platforms and linking the same to your website is also easy and free, meaning you have no excuse. 

Besides, a website offers you the chance to hone SEO, social media marketing, web design, email marketing, analytics, and other skills that benefit your digital marketing career.

You can start a website around any digital marketing topic even if you’re the perfect beginner. Carry out extensive research on any topic you fancy and you will have a lot of information to share. That’s how you earn the expert status; by teaching others what you learn.

A website is also a great place to test out your ideas and mock projects. You can easily test strategies and measure your results as grow your website. When you understand how to replicate the results, you can apply what you learn when working on a client’s project.

Your website can also be a great place to host your professional digital marketing portfolio and resume. Just keep everything up to date and creative.

02. Keep Learning to Augment Your Knowledge

According to Maryville University, “Organizations now seek multifaceted marketers who can blend strategy with advanced technology.

It’s a skill set that can qualify you for 21,800 new careers in advertising, promotions, and marketing management from 2018 to 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

While you don’t need a traditional marketing degree to start a career in digital marketing, some organized training will tip the balance in your favor during interviews. Plus, a degree or any other form of professional training offers you a solid background and skills you won’t learn elsewhere.

That being said, you must be willing to learn everything you can about marketing on the web. There are many popular digital marketing blogs on the Internet such as Hubspot,, Backlinko,  and MOZ, among others. Their teams of experts cover a wide variety of topics revolving around digital marketing.

If you need centralized learning, you can find a ton of free and paid mini-courses on websites such as Udemy and Alison, among others.

03. Don’t Forget to Network

Of all professions, marketers cannot afford to live in a cocoon. Your job is all about creating vibe and ensuring more customers find whatever you’re marketing. It is also part of your job to reel them in so they can make a purchase.

If you’re going to be a successful digital marketer, you must be a successful networker. Creating and maintaining fruitful relationships is what marketing is all about. But let us not put the horse before the cart.

Networking can help you to land your dream job easily. A good contact might know of someone looking for a social media strategist for instance, and come to you. Another contact might send extra business your way.

Still, somebody within your network might know exactly where you need to go to solve a particular problem or learn a new skill. Your network could also compose of a mastermind group of peers; people you can sit down and discuss work.

Networking needn’t be challenging as a would-be marketer. There are many forums for digital marketers online, and countless events to attend. Also, there are virtual events, webinars and so on to keep active within your networks.

Be awesome, and never make networking about you. It is always about helping the other people, or paying forward if you may.

04. Get Experience

Employers are always hunting for applicants with some years of experience. Some may say they want somebody with 2 or 3 years of experience. More advanced positions require more experience and that is the name of the game.

But you’re probably starting, and don’t have any experience. What to do? How do you add years of experience to your resume and you never worked as a digital marketer before? Unknown to many beginners, you don’t have to hold a job to gain the relevant experience.

When it comes to digital marketing, things are even easier. All you need is some creativity and the tools used by the professionals. 

What does that mean? I will expound.

To gain advertising experience, for instance, spend some time and money testing Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords.

You can use your website or offer to help a local charity, church or business. Test, repeat and rinse until you can deploy successful advertising campaigns. Just don’t spend all of your money.

Additionally, strive to gain experience in other areas, such as content marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing, link building, and everything in between. 


By doing and repeating until you achieve success.

If the potential employer wants proof of your experience, you can direct them to your successful projects. I’m sure no CEO will mind if you don’t have 5-year job experience but can pull millions of views to a product using your strategies.

In other words, practice and practice some more. Create successful campaigns first hand to understand how things work, and how you can scale your results with a bigger budget.

05. Finally, Apply for Digital Marketing Jobs

If you don’t feel ready yet, don’t hesitate to apply for jobs even when you think you aren’t a perfect fit. Most entry-level jobs in digital marketing have basic requirements, and you can have a lot of luck just by taking the plunge.

There are plenty of digital marketing job sites and employment agencies out there actively looking for digital marketers. Your next job could be one email away right this moment. 

You can start your search on websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Angel List, Krop and Tech Ladies, among others.

Make sure your resume is polished and reflects your professional achievements as well as all personal projects you’re proud of.

Also, create a professional email address i.e., It makes you appear more professional, which adds some weight to your application.

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