How to Run successful Email Marketing, Targeted Advertising on Facebook Using Instagram


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In 2019 we all know Instagram has a huge influence. For brands, small businesses, influencers and for everyone who uses the service.

It has changed a lot since 2012, where you could only post and edit square photos.

Now you are no longer limited to square photos, you can upload videos and tag people, we have IGTV, influencers are able to tag a brand’s product in their posts, and anyone is able to design and create their own face filters for Instagram.

And that is only a small part of a much longer list of features.

However, the most important thing that you can do with Instagram in 2019 is using it for your business like a professional.

There are tools that can help you to extract likes, followers, comments, location and a lot of other valuable information into Excel or Google Sheets, and you can analyze and work with that data if you are an SMM-agency, freelancer, or a digital agency.

An often overlooked feature is that many profiles have public biographical information and business emails, and with a tool like Pro Export Ninja, you can quickly extract this information from all the Instagram accounts you need and use this data in different ways.

Read on to get an idea of what Pro Export Ninja tools can offer your business, and check out 5 different examples of how you can use exported bio and business emails and phone numbers from Instagram profiles.

Table Of Content:

  1. Pro Export Ninja tools
  2. What can you export?
  3. How can I use the service?
    1. Targeted advertising
    2. Making a user base for Look-a-Like audiences
    3. Advertise to your audience in other social networks
    4. Search influencers for collaboration
    5. Email-marketing
  4. Pricing

Pro Export Ninja Tools

Pro Export Ninja lets you scrape bios, business emails, and phone numbers from a targeted audience on Instagram into an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets and use the data as you wish, for example you can run incredibly successful marketing campaigns, run targeted advertising and much more.

Pro Export Ninja is a great tool for SMM-agencies and digital marketing freelancers.

Save countless hours spent searching and analyzing Instagram accounts, and export thousands of users into spreadsheets in a few minutes using just a few clicks.

Instagram Data

What type of information you can export:

  • username;
  • full name ;
  • bio;
  • followers;
  • following;
  • number of posts;
  • number of IGTV;
  • private account or not;
  • approved account;
  • public email;
  • profile type;
  • communication method;

When exporting 100.000 accounts you will get ~40.000 email addresses on average. 

There are no limits to how many accounts you can scrape at a time, and hypothetically you can scrape all of Instagram at once if needed. 

How can I use exported data?

Let’s look at 5 examples:

Targeted advertising

If you are a blogger or a brand, and you want to grow your number of Instagram followers, you could export followers from similar bloggers or brands and run an Instagram targeted advertising on the exported users.

Make a user base for Look-a-Like audiences

Reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business based on similarities to your already existing customers. 

You can use an uploaded .csv file with an exported list of profiles with emails and phone numbers in Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature.

  1. Go to your Audience
  2. Click the Create audience drop-down and choose Lookalike Audience.
  3. Choose your csv. file 
  4. Choose the country/countries where you would like to find a similar set of people.
  5. Choose your desired audience size with the slider.
  6. Click Create Audience.

Consider using a group of 1,000 to 50,000 of your best customers based on lifetime value, transaction value, total order size or engagement.

Advertising on other social networks

Export Instagram followers, whether they belong to you or another Instagram account and run Facebook targeted advertising:

  • Go to a Facebook Business Manager;
Facebook Business Manager
  • Create a custom list;
Create a custom list
  • Upload the .csv file with the exported list of profiles with emails and phone numbers;
Upload the .csv
  • Done, you’re in business.
Facebook Promotion

Find influencers for collaboration

Gather a list of influencers for collaboration:

  • Look for influencer accounts that are compatible with your brand and export their audiences (for example, if you were running a sports or healthy food brand, you might look for athletes or lifestyle bloggers)
  • Sort the audience by the number of followers (for example, you can choose to show only accounts with 10 to 50 thousand followers)
  • Then sort them by activity (e.g. view only accounts who have more than 30 publications and have IGTV videos)
  • Show only accounts with email addresses
  • Send them a cooperation offer
  • Analyze the answers and discuss advertising opportunities.

You spent less than 10 minutes and in return, you have a huge sample of potential bloggers who can advertise you or your product.

This works both ways, as bloggers can also search for advertisers this way and offer to promote products on their Instagram profile.


  • Search for relevant accounts on Instagram
  • Export their followers, as well as people who like and comment on their posts
  • Choose to keep only accounts containing email addresses
  • Make a perfect targeted email-marketing campaign 🚀


Pricing starts as low as 19$ with a simple “pay no time limits” model. No recurring subscription fees and no time limits.

Read more at and start skyrocketing your marketing campaign today. 

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