10 Instagram Marketing Strategies Using Hashtags


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Hashtags are critical for Instagram marketing. People use hashtags on Instagram to find popular posts related to any keyword.

People use these hashtags when searching for posts on Instagram or when participating in ongoing promotions, conversations, or other online activities.

It is no surprise that so many people are using Instagram for their social media projects thanks to how well the system can work.

You will have to look at how well you’re going to utilize Instagram to your advantage if you want to make it work for you.

This guide to the ten best Instagram marketing strategies that entail the use of hashtags will help you with identifying many ways for you to make more out of the work you are planning.

Importance of Hashtags on Instagram

The hashtags can be instrumental in growing your Instagram following. If you know the art of using the hashtags perfectly it will help you to bring your post in front of millions of users.

A very effective hashtag strategy is to create your own branded hashtags and make it popular. Popular brands like Nike and other popular brands make the best use of branded hashtags to promote their brand.

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01. Review the hashtags that may be the most relevant to your audience.

You need to start your work by looking at how well your Instagram marketing efforts are going to target certain audience members. You need to work with hashtags that you know are relevant to the interests and needs that your audience members have.

For instance, you might have ideas for hashtags based on certain trends or ideas that people put more value towards.

A site that operates a sporting goods shop might use #playball when promoting baseball equipment. That would be a more appropriate hashtag to use when highlighting such a place.

The goal is to be as narrow as possible when finding relevant hashtags. Finding such narrow ideas would make for something appealing for your audience members to use.

02. Review what some of the leaders in your industry are using.

There are many groups in your industry that you can research when figuring out what they are writing about and discussing in their work.

These groups could entail anything from trade companies to media publications and everything in between. Look at what these leaders are talking about so you’ll have an idea of what to expect out of your work.

You might see that a paper in your local area is using hashtags that are relevant to the time of the year. The start of the lunar year could entail the use of something like #ChineseNewYear among other things.

03. Review if your hashtag of interest has been used before.

Look around various social media platforms to see if people have been using your hashtag of interest.

This includes not only Instagram but any other social media site that could utilize hashtags.

There’s always a chance that what you want to use might have been taken by someone else. You’ll have to avoid using hashtags that other people have taken, as they might be hashtags that are being used for other intentions of value.

This point can certainly be said about some types of hashtags that are a little too natural or normal in appearance.

A hashtag like #TuesdayTake might entail something that a person would talk about on Tuesdays, but that could be something that many Instagram accounts are using as well.

You do not want to get into some hashtag that has been used enough to where people are going to repeat it many times over with your work being lost in the crowd.

04. Be careful over the number of hashtags you use in particular.

Although you can use many hashtags of value in many situations, you will have to watch for the number you can handle. Instagram lets you use as many as thirty hashtags on a single page.

You’re naturally not going to use thirty at once in most cases, but you should at least think about what you’re going to produce on your page.

A good rule of thumb here is to avoid anything excessive or otherwise hard to review.

You need to keep the hashtags you are using in check so people aren’t going to possibly lose control over what you are doing or not notice everything you are planning.

The goal here should be to confirm you have the right number of hashtags that will not be hard to follow.


05. You can hide hashtags, but you need to be careful when doing so.

There are certain aspects you need to look at while hiding hashtags for your posts. You have the option to hide them in your comments or at the bottom part of your post.

ut whatever you do, you must see that the hashtags you produce are arranged well enough and that you have a good layout for how the hashtags are to look.

06. Geographical tags can be worthwhile for your needs.

People are more likely to interact with geographical tags than they are with anything else that might be utilized.

You can get geographic tags ready in many forms, including ones that relate to the city you are in or the state you are based out of among other things. Any locations that your business might be based out of can help as well.

People will respond to these geographic tags because they might be interested in things in the places you are based out of.

Using such tags adds to the value of what you are promoting and makes your work more intriguing. Be sure to see how these tags can be of value when getting your page ready.

Here are some nice examples of popular tags for Timesquare #timesquare #newyork #timesquarenewyork


07. Look at the topic channels that relate to your work and use them in your hashtags.

A topic channel is a segment on Instagram that lets you find content on the site through different topics or other unique subjects.

You can use topic channels to find ideas surrounding what you wish to discuss and how you want to convey that information to other people.

Channels that you might use can be recommended to you based on behaviors on a site or how often people might search for things with them in mind.

These hashtags should work well for your promotional efforts provided you notice where you are going with them and how often they might be used.

You can use these points to figure out what is working the best at if you need some changes in any situation.

08. Look at how you’re going to add hashtags to your profile bio.

The bio on your Instagram page will often be the first thing that people notice about your work. This is the descriptor of what you are trying to focus on with your efforts.

The good news is that hashtags can be added to this part of your Instagram work. But you must also look well at how your Instagram bio is going to feature the right hashtags of note and that the content you’re producing is appropriate.

The hashtags in your bio are going to be relevant to what you want to promote and how you’re going to make your content interesting to possible readers.

You have to ensure the content is planned well and that you have an idea of where you want to go with your work in general.

Hashtag in Instagram Bio

09. Avoid anything that might be questionable.

Instagram has some specific rules to follow surrounding the types of hashtags that you should avoid. You need to avoid hashtags that entail anything that relates to terror activities, illicit drugs, violent material, or anything else that might be offensive.

You’ll need to be cautious when seeing that these hashtags are used accordingly and that you know where you will go with the work at hand.

This is particularly important if your Instagram page focuses on certain concerns that might be flagged by Instagram.

You might be talking about the dangers of opioids, but you would have to use hashtags that don’t directly entail opioids if you want to get people to notice what you are discussing when it comes to such sensitive bits of content on the site.

10. Be aware of how well your hashtags are working as you use them.

You must make sure the hashtags you’ve got going are working as well as possible. This includes seeing that the hashtags are sensible and easy to analyze while also being read by people well enough.

You can look at hashtags through the analytics features on your Instagram page. This includes looking at the Discovery section to figure out how well people are reaching your site based on hashtags and other bits of content.

You may consider using further hashtags if you find that your existing ones are helping people come to your page.

But you could also consider adjusting your strategies with hashtags in mind when you notice people not being as likely to discover your business.

The work here should be planned well to give you more control over the content you’re aiming to manage and utilize.

Everything you do for your Instagram promotional needs should be planned with care.

Be sure to look at how well your hashtags on Instagram are working and that you have a good plan in mind for how those hashtags are to work and appear.

This is all about getting more out of the work you are planning through Instagram.

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