Instapage Review: How It Can Increase Conversion?

Increase your conversion rate by 400% by creating professional landing pages with Instapage.


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A detailed Instapage review to understand how it can increase the conversion on your site and overall revenue for your business.

Instapage Review


With a ton of features and deep optimization, the service has become a must-have for countless website owners all over the world. But does Instapage live up to all that hype?

Let’s find out.


How Instapage Works?

Instapage is essentially a third-party tool that lets you build well-optimized landing pages. While it is true that website owners can hire the services of web developers to get the job done, building the right landing page can be quite difficult.

There is much more to a landing page than just design and aesthetics. Instapage promises powerful landing page features that let you integrate with other third-party apps and services for your needs.

Drag and Drop Page Building

The best thing about Instapage is that you do not need to be an adept web developer to make the most out of the tool. The drag and drop page builder lets you build pages using a visual tool with absolutely no coding involved.

From widgets to call-to-action buttons, you can implement a variety of web page elements to your liking using Instapage. If you do not want to build your page yourself, you can even choose from hundreds of custom templates for picking up ideas.



You also get access to over 30 million Bigstock images. You don’t need to purchase licensed images separately for hundreds of dollars, and you can simply choose from a range of professional images via Bigstock, which is a premium service that is partnered with Instapage to offer quality images for your landing page.

The customization is not limited to images alone. You can also make custom forms for your landing page and implement call to action buttons.

Every website owner knows how important it is to have great landing pages with detailed forms that can draw the attention of visitors and Instapage enables website owners to do just that by generating new leads and prospective customers. 



From heatmaps for your landing page to A/B testing, Instapage offers a bunch of analytics tools to help you understand your website better and optimize accordingly.

You also get integration with Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, and other analytics tools to understand your web traffic better. It helps you channel your resources into optimizing your landing page even further.



Instapage is equipped with all marketing tools you need to collaborate with designers when you are getting your landing page built.

You also have Google AMP support, and you can create AMP pages with the same drag-and-drop website builder using Instapage’s tools.


Instapage vs. WordPress Website Builders

One of the first questions you would have in mind is why would you choose Instapage instead of the default WordPress website builder for your landing pages.

While it is normal to avoid investing in a separate service, Instapage’s expertise cannot be ignored. The platform is completely dedicated to landing pages.

Unlike WordPress’ own builder, you have access to many more templates that are designed specifically for landing pages.

You also have standalone widgets that can enhance your landing pages using the call to action buttons, form builders, and more. 

Analytics and optimization also play a big role when it comes to Instapage. You get access to analytics and optimization tools that let you understand your website’s performance better.

With tools like Google Tag Manager and A/B Testing available to all Instapage users, the whole package is a bargain considering you do not need to invest in analytics tools separately.

Overall, Instapage is much more cost-effective than other options out there. 

Most importantly, unlike WordPress website builders, you get to manage landing pages of all your websites from one place.

If you own a number of websites, this feature is quite handy. While you can individually manage your landing pages using WordPress, it is not as intuitive and becomes time-consuming.

Top Features

Conversion Analytics

Instapage users can integrate Google AdWords and Analytics to calculate important stats like cost-per-lead and cost-per-visitor. The data can be strategically used by marketing automation systems and CRM.

Facebook Ads Manager integration is also available with a complete overview of your marketing performance using detailed stats.

You can use the features to get to your target audience using metrics like gender, age, and location.

You also have access to an external conversion tracking through the use of drop-in pixel tracking. You can use the tool to your advantage to target users whom you are unable to convert using your landing page. 

Thor Render Engine

Instapage’s Thor Render Engine promises load times that are up to three times faster.

The speedy load times ensure that you are able to get your conversions as quickly as possible Advertisers and marketers can benefit from the performance that the Thor Render Engine has to offer as it accelerates your SEO rankings, paid conversions and the overall user experience. 

We all know how important user experience is when it comes to SEO and enhancing your page with the best possible performance is the right way to go.

You can track your landing page’s technical performance using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool for testing the page load performance of your mobile and web landing pages. 

Old Instapage vs Thor Render Engine

Old Instapage Speed Test
Thor Render Engine Speed


Instapage’s Instablocks feature lets you create hundreds of landing pages using “blocks” that can be customized, saved, and reused. You can not only create your own blocks but also choose from a large selection of block templates. 

Blocks include an array of elements like testimonials, headers, footers and more. All of the templates can be edited just by using a mouse.

There is no complex programming involved. The Enterprise plans also include Global Blocks that add even more customization to the mix. 



Instapage offers a large selection of widgets to customize your landing pages fully. Unlike other page building apps, you do not need any coding experience to add widgets to your landing page.

All of it is made possible using a drag-and-drop page builder. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Instapage page builder lets you assign keyboard shortcuts to popularly used commands for quick access. It makes page creation easy for users and cuts down on development time. 

Digital Asset Delivery

The digital asset delivery system in Instapage is completely automated. In just a few clicks you will be notified as soon as a lead opts-in for offers on your landing page. You can deliver digital products as soon as they accept the offer reducing the amount of wait time for your leads.

All notifications are delivered to your dashboard, and you can immediately act on your leads instead of having to rely on third-party communication services. 

Real-Time Reports

The real-time reporting solution is one of the best in the business, and you will be able to see live statistics for your landing page whenever you want on any device. The reports make it easy for users to make changes to their landing pages or adjust their marketing strategies. 

Invisible CAPTCHA 

Instapage makes use of the latest in Google’s reCAPTCHA technology. How often have you visited a website that forces you to enter CAPTCHA codes that make web browsing an unpleasant experience?

The latest reCAPTCHA technology by Google authenticates users in the background, thus removing the need to match pictures or enter codes to access content on your landing page. 

Unlimited Domains

Unlike other landing page creation tools, Instapage allows you to create as many pages as you want for unlimited domains.

You do not need to pay a separate fee for creating landing pages for additional domains that you want to own. 

Instapage Pricing


The Core plan includes all of the popular features that are available from Instapage, and it is currently priced at $99/month payable annually, or if you want to pay monthly, the Core plan will set you back by $129. 

The features included in the Core plan include:

  • Mobile-Responsive Landing Page Builder
  • Instablocks
  • Integration with Over 40 Services
  • A/B Testing Tool (Unlimited Use) 
  • Conversion Tracking and Analysis
  • Advertiser Tools
  • Heatmaps 


The Enterprise plan is a custom solution for business owners who are looking to increase conversion rates and scale their business. The plans do not have any fixed pricing and are catered based on each customer’s unique needs. 

The features included in the Enterprise plan include: 

  • Global Blocks
  • Enterprise-Level Security
  • Professional Services
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Amp Page Support
  • Personalization
Instapage Plans

Security and Support

GDPR Compliance: Instapage is compliant with all GDPR regulations and international security standards. Customers from the EU have complete control over the data that is collected and shared.

All landing pages are GDPR compliant as well with the addition of cookie bars that request user consent. 

SSO: Single sign-on is enabled by default along with integration with Okta and OneLogin. Users can manage all permissions in one place, and mark trusted users from a central hub. 

Google Authentication: Users can use their Google accounts to sign into Instapage instead of being forced to remember login details. 

24/7 Support: Instapage staff members are available round the clock to assist users with any technical issues.

All help tickets are resolved very fast, and the support staff assists users to set up new landing pages and domains. A live-chat service is available within the Instapage dashboard as well for real-time assistance. 


There are a number of reasons why you should try out Instapage. For most people, the suite of features should be more than enough to convince them into trying the service out.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider using Instapage to create the perfect landing pages. 

Drag and Drop Builder: The drag and drop builder is convenient for those who are not adept at programming. Even if you do not have any technical knowledge of development, you will be able to create beautiful landing pages within a matter of minutes. 

Third-Party Integration: There are a number of third-party applications that you can use with Instapage, including tracking tools, analytics tools, and more. 

Split Testing: Unlike traditional web development platforms, Instapage comes with its own split testing to ensure your webpages are effective at marketing to your audience. 

Development Time: If you own multiple websites, you can cut down on development time drastically if you want to use the same template for multiple pages. You can export and import created pages for other websites for easier customization. 

Templates: Over 200 templates are available that are specifically designed for creating landing pages. All of the templates are fully customizable, and you will be able to create new ones from scratch as well. 

Heatmap: There is a heatmap tool that lets you identify the most effective elements of your landing page. You can make effective changes to your landing page to ensure you are not missing out on potential customers. 


Pricing: Instapage is not a free service, and it’s premium features come at a hefty cost. However, if you own multiple websites, you can create multiple landing pages with a single subscription. 

Fonts: You do not have the option to use different fonts for multiple headings on the same page. 

CSS Required: Any advanced changes that you need to do to your landing page needs to be done using CSS. 

Final Verdict

Instapage is definitely the all-in-one solution it promises to be for marketers.

You have complete control over your landing page designs, and if you have a vision in mind for your website’s landing page, you can create it in a matter of minutes using Instapage.

The only downside is the high asking price for a yearly subscription. But the pricing is justified considering the number of premium services you get in one bundle.

You also do not need to invest separately for premium services for A/B Testing and analytics.

Overall, it is definitely a premium solution you want to create effective landing pages. 

Instapage Review End

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