17 Monthly Blog Income Reports: $1000 to $3,50,675


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Blog income reports are becoming very popular these days. An aspiring blogger gets a good amount of motivation from these reports. Some of the bloggers also publish insights and sources of incomes along with their income reports.

Not all, but many professionals and experienced bloggers these days are publishing their annual or monthly income reports. These reports give you a brief insight into the sources of income for the blogger, as well as some bloggers even tell you the expenditures of their blog. 

Most of these blog income reports include a lot of screenshots and images from different analytics tools, which are actually very engaging and motivating.

Many bloggers are also writing about their experiences during the period of the income report, which includes a lot of how-to stuff and future aspects of the blog as well. 

And the best part about these income reports? You can learn a ton of different things from any kind of income report, even if that income report is of a blog that is absolutely opposite of your niche.

So without any further ado, we present you the list of the 17 best blog income reports that will surely inspire you to up your numbers game. 

Please Nore: Some of the blogs are not actively publishing the income reposts anymore, so we have tried to incorporate the latest one available. We will also be adding new blogs as we discover new reports

1. Smart Passive Income – $2,171,652  

One of the most famous blogs in this list, Smart Passive Income has featured in many high-end business magazines. In the last 12 months, this blog has made over $2,171,600, which is one of the highest in the industry. 

The man behind this successful venture, Pat Flyn writes blogs and create podcasts about various niches, such as affiliate marketing, email marketing, blogging tutorials and so on. Various other major services provided by Smart Passive Income are: 

  • Video and Podcasts on various passive income topics by Pat himself 
  • “Ask Pat” section allows you to voice record your queries and problems
  • The income report is updated on a monthly basis
  • Online courses available, such as “Smart From Scratch”, “Power-Up Podcasting” and “1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing”, which are all based on online business concepts and income growth 

Check out the monthly income report of Smart Passive Income here.   

Smart Passive Income

2. Create And Go – $117,856

Have you heard of Alex and Lauren? If you search for “one of the most famous online bloggers”, you will definitely see this blogger couple in one of those lists.

The blog offers and talks about everything about blogging. This blog publishes its income report on a monthly basis. 

The best part about this report is that it even shows you how much it made from different income sources. Some notable things about this blog and its report are:

  • Affiliate marketing and selling of digital products & services are the sources of income for this blog
  • The blog offers courses for various topics like blog monetization, blog creation, blogging for beginners and so on
  • The blog has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo Finance and on many other major platforms

The income report for this blog is available here

Create And Go

3. Entrepreneurs On Fire – $1,196,734

This blog and its podcast is hosted by a former U.S. Army officer and now a very successful entrepreneur John Lee Dumas. The blog provides you quite a deep insight into its income data.

The blog publishes its income reports on a monthly basis. Some of the major features of this blog and its report are :

  • You also get to know the expenditures, overall income and income breakdowns
  • The blog and podcast talks about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs 
  • Featured in the famous business magazine Forbes

Get the detailed income report of this blog here

Entrepreneurs On Fire

4. Ryan Robinson – $39,448

Ryan Robinson’s blog ryrob.com is somewhat similar to the Create and Go. The blog talks about monetizing a blog, starting a new blog and has a podcast too.

The income report page gives you a detailed insight into the income breakdown, as well as in other various aspects, such as email subscribers, podcast downloads and so on. 

  • You get a detailed monthly income breakdown 
  • Detailed expenses report
  • The page also offers infographics and graphical reports of their income breakdown

ryrob.com’s income report is available here.

Ryan Robinson

5. Break The One Percent – $347,675

Break The One Percent offers free and paid online courses and blogs about content marketing, starting a blog and blog monetization.

Although the income report is not monthly-based, you can see the monthly figures inside the annual reports. The blog has been publishing its income report consistently for quite a while now. And also,

  • You can hire a dedicated blogging coach also
  • The use of infographics and graphs is on-point in the income reports
  • Expenses are also mentioned with the profits    

Break One Percent’s income report is available here.

Break The One Percent

6. ShoutMeLoud – $40,055

Managed by Harsh Agrawal, ShoutMeLoud is a well-known blog around blogging and related niche.

The blog has a wide range of categories, such as vlogging,  Google AdSense, SEO, social media, software and so on. Other important features involved with the income report are:

  • Learn the basics of blogging
  • Detailed report on the history of the blog and existing features 
  • You also get detailed guides for WordPress, AdSense and affiliate marketing

Get the latest report of the blog here.


7. Millenial Money Man – $127,213

Millenial Money Man is all about the money. You get a variety of monetary related articles and blogs, such as student loan repayment options, how to grow a side hustle business into the main one and so on. 

  • The reports are packed with bloggers personal growth experiences 
  • Side income sources also detailed in the blog
  • Blog offers many unique categories such save more money, make more money and pay off debt

Checkout the income report of Millenial Money Man here.

Millenial Money Man

8. Two Wandering Souls – $14,179

Two Wandering Souls publishes one of the best travel blogging income reports. Not just income breakdowns, but you get an in-depth report of how actually the blogger made that much money by just travelling.

The report has a good amount of images so that the report might now look boring. Some notable points about the blog and the income report are:   

  • Monthly income report published using graphs and histograms
  • Website traffic statistics also published
  • You get to read many other insights, such as new lessons learned, one-time payments, expenses, and future goals

Two Wandering Souls latest income report is available here.

Two Wandering Souls

9. Believe in a Budget – $5041.85

Although the numbers are not really high here, this report will surely inspire budding and aspiring bloggers to not just make blogging side hustle, but to make it a proper business. 

The blog is all about helping women in becoming successful independent entrepreneurs. The significant points about this report are: 

  • You get a detailed breakdown of income sources
  • You get to know how much third-party tools actually cost
  • The blogger also details about her total income from the blog, till date 

Believe in a Budget’s income report is available here

Believe in a Budget

10. B For Bloggers – $3,80

B for Bloggers is another blog around the blogging niche The blog talks about various aspects of starting a new blog, WordPress insights, SEO techniques and so on.

You also get a lot to learn about online marketing and affiliate marketing. Some appreciable points about the income report of B for Bloggers are:

  • You get a lot of screenshots of traffic analysis and income graphs
  • Detailed list of expenses  
  • Detailed breakdown of total income 

Get the income report of B For Bloggers here

B For Bloggers

11. Living The Dream – $6,640

The famous travel blogger Jeremy, the blogger behind Living The Dream, has been sharing his travel experiences for more than 10 years now.

Living The Dream is all about travel and lifestyle blogging. The blog publishes its income report quite frequently. The report gives a detailed insight into the total income and expenses. Major headline features about this report are:

  • Use of graphs and videos is just great
  • The blog talks about the goals for the next months as well 
  • The income breakdown is very well done

Living The Dream’s latest income report is available here.

Living The Dream

12. Butternut Bakery – $7,202

Butternut Bakery has recently started publishing its income report. But the reports are very well written and have a good amount of detail.

The blog is all about food. You get special baking recipes, free and paid baking guides, and many more baking related stuff. Points that shimmer in the income report are

  • Traffic analysis screenshots and images are very well used
  • Income sources are finely detailed 
  • Expenses report is quite detailed as well 

Butternut Bakery’s income report can be found here.

Butternut Bakery

13. Crochet 365 Knit Too – $5,286

Crochet 365 Knit Too is quite a popular crochet knitting and DIY blog these days. The best part about this blog are the crochet tutorials and DIY resources that the blog offers.

Free journals and how-to guides are also provided by the blog. The income report published of this blog is very straightforward and simple. Some considerable points about this blog are:

  • Simplified content and straightforward approach 
  • Proper income breakdown
  • Experiences shared by the blogger in each report is quite helpful

Crochet 365 Knit Too’s income report can be found here.

Crochet 365 Knit Too

14. Journey To SAHM – $1,402

One of the best Mom’s blogs, no doubt about that. The blog offers many categories to read from, such as air fryer recipes, baby care techniques, pregnancy, and parenting. Some appreciable points about the income report of this blog are:

  • You get the list of top articles from the blog that helped the most in the overall earrings
  • Screenshots and stats properly used
  • Income resources are very well detailed

Journey To SAHM’s income report is available here

Journey To SAHM

15. Hustle And Slow – $5,802

Hustle and Slow is a business blog that focuses on making money online and pretty much about entrepreneurship.

The blog also offers many digital products on the site, such as Reseller Spreadsheet, Reseller Database and so on. The income report of Hustle and Slow is published quite regularly these days. Major points about the income report of this blog are:

  • The report gives you an in-depth insight into the sales of digital products at different platforms
  • The use of screenshots for displaying income stats and traffic is executed perfectly 
  • Future plans and previous upgrades are also described in the report

Here you can get the latest income report of Hustle and Slow.

Hustle And Slow

16. The Fab 20s – $1,566 

The Fab 20s is for all the young guns in their 20s out there. The blog talks about different areas that might interest a person in his 20s, such as health, travel and making money.

The income report is very well detailed and straightforward. Some of the important features of this blog are:

  • Analytics report and screenshots are also included
  • Detailed report of the expenses are also mentioned
  • How-to blog guide is also available along with the report

The Fab 20s income report is available here.

The Fab 20s

17. Fin Savvy Panda – $6,760  

Fin Savvy Panda talks about investments, savings and blogging. You get a lot of articles about how you can start a blog, areas to invest money, and everything about savings.

The income reports are published quite consistently. The income reports offer a lot for budding bloggers to learn about. Significant features of these income reports are: 

  • Motivational guides about successfully running a blog also included
  • Images and screenshots are also included
  • Sources of income are also broken down

Fin Savvy Panda’s income report is available here

Finishing Off

So this was the list of 17 best blog income reports. All of these reports are packed with a lot of inspiring talk and how-to guides about various different niches. 

All of these reports include a lot of analytics screenshots that help a reader better understand all the ups and downs of the blog.

These reports also offer a lot of graphs, histograms, and bar graphs that helps the blog to display the hikes and downfalls in its income. 

So if you are a budding blogger, these reports can surely help you a lot in growing your blog and income as well. 

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