OceanWP Review: A Powerful Free WordPress Theme

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OceanWP is a free to use multipurpose WordPress theme which is currently gaining massive popularity amongst WordPress users.

It has well over 750,000 downloads and the figure is just going uphill. The reason behind its massive popularity lies with the fact that it delivers an awful lot of useful features in a free package.

The theme is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. And if you stumble into a problem, there is an excellent support team available around the clock to back you up.

It follows a responsive design language allowing it to resize according to the user’s screen size. This is important as much of the traffic generally comes in from mobile users.

And talking about traffic, the theme also has SEO built in to ensure you get better ranks on the search engine ladder.

Now, if you are interested to learn more about all the features and functionalities of OceanWP WordPress theme then you have come to the right place.

We have prepared a comprehensive rundown of what the theme has to offer.

So without further ado, let’s get this review rolling:

Ready Demo Design Templates

OceanWP Demo Designs


OceanWP offers a variety of free demo designs that are professionally designed for different niche sites and super easy to import. Yes, you heard that right – a free theme that ships with multiple premade websites.

You will find pre-made websites for blogs, corporate websites, e-commerce and online stores, and even one-page layouts.

Now, it is worth mentioning that some of these demo websites are Pro demos, which means you will have to pay money.

However, they are neatly designed and comes with many elements which do justify the pricing. Nevertheless, there are also free demo websites as well, and those too have great designs that line up with what Websites are meant to look like in today’s day and age.

The theme provides dedicated extensions to help you with importing the demos. There is a free import extension which will help you import the free demos and a premium extension for the pro ones.

Compatible With WordPress Page Builder

OceanWP website builders

Getting all these demo websites is great. But what if you want to tweak them up a little so that it fits perfectly with your dream layout. Well for that liberty, the theme provides you with compatibility with all the popular Page Builders.

If you don’t know, a WordPress page builder is a plugin which can help you customize or even create custom layouts.

OceanWP is compatible with all the major drag and drop page builder including Visual Composer, Elementor, BeaverBuilder, Divi, SiteOrigin, and more.

All these page builder plugins will allow you to simply drag and drop design elements and modules to construct your website.

You won’t have to get involved in messy coding or hire a developer. Just select a design element, drag it to the position where you want it to fit, and drop it. It is that easy!

Mobile-Friendly Design

Whatever demo you choose or layout you build for your website, it will be 100% responsive. The theme is designed to scale according to the screen size of the user.

If they are using a mobile phone, then all the elements will be adjusted to fit into the small-sized screen and preserve the user experience.

On the flip side, if a user is visiting your website from a desktop-sized screen, then it will configure the layout accordingly.

Overall, you can rest assured that your website will look good on all devices regardless of the size of the screen.

Super Fast Loading Speed

The theme is super lightweight and following all the best coding practices in the business. This allows it to have a super fast loading speed.

As you already know, you should not make your readers wait for your site to load up. A slow website is one of the biggest reasons for losing traffic. For example, 50% of mobile users expect a site to load under 2 seconds.

In fact, for every second, the estimate is that 20% of potential traffic is lost.

However, you will not have to worry about such issues as the theme is extremely fast, that’s one of the key highlights of OceanWP.

WooCommerce Ready

OceanWP woocommerce

OceanWP is a WooCommerce ready WordPress theme. This means you can use the theme to easily create an online store and start selling products and services.

WooCommerce is an extremely powerful e-commerce platform which powers over 30% of all the online stores.

Now, on top of this excellent conglomeration of e-commerce tools, the theme also provides a bunch of state-of-the-art features to enhance your online store.

This includes features like:

1. A Native Cart Popup: When the user adds an item to their cart, a popup shows up displaying the item on the cart button. This simple gesture is known to increase conversion rates by over 8%.

2. Floating Add To Cart Bar: As the customer scrolls down on your site, they might pass the “Add to Cart” button and ultimate forget about it.

However, if you have a Floating Bar enabled which will constantly show the Add To Car Button as a bar at the top of the screen, then your customers won’t forget about adding the product to their purchase. This can boost your conversion rates by 5%.

3. Off Canvas Filter: The search filter option for the products on your website is important for providing the better user experience.

But there is no arguing that it covers up much of the display which you could otherwise use to display more products. This way you can show all your products ion a full-width layout, and keep the filtering options in an off-canvas sidebar.

4. Quick View: This is another functionality that customers love on shopping websites. Basically, no ones want to enter a new webpage to read about the product details, then hit back, reload the previous page, and continue going through the other products.

With the Quick View functionality enabled, users will be able to get a detailed information about the products in a popup box, and won’t be taken to a new page altogether.

All these features are built-in to the theme and won’t require you to download extra plugins.

Powerful Extensions

OceanWP extensions

Up till now, you should have developed a basic idea of all the features that OceanWP has to offer for free. You get great design options with support for powerful page builder tools, and a bunch of demo content.

It also offers powerful e-commerce based features as well.

However, if all these aren’t enough, the theme also grants you the option to expand its functionalities with additional extensions.

However, these are paid extensions and you will have to go with one of their pricing plans to gain access to these powerful extensions.

Currently, there are over twenty extensions available with more being added with time. The extensions can help you add a cookie notice, a portfolio to showcase your work, a popup login form, and even a social sharing option. Some of these extensions are free, but there are paid ones as well.

If you want all the extensions active on your website, then you might be interested in the different extension bundles with varying pricing plans depending on the number of sites you are going to use them on.

OceanWP extension bundles


The Personal Plan starts at $35/year for one site, followed by the Business Plan priced at $79 for 3 sites, and ultimately the $129/year plan with support for unlimited sites.

Also, if you don’t want to go into a subscription model, they have also provided pricing plans for lifetime purchase.

SEO From the Get-Go

OceanWP has been developed following the best SEO practices. This allows the search engine bots and crawlers to easily go through the website and properly index all your content.

This can improve your odds of getting discovered in the search engine queries which will improve your organic traffic.

Translation Ready

Not an English Speaker? No Problem! OceanWP is translation ready and supports RTL languages as well. You will be able to easily translate your website into own native tongue which will allow you to better use all the features and functionalities the theme has to provide.

Awesome Support

One of the biggest fears with getting a free theme is the lack of support. Developers don’t tend to provide their free userbase with quality after sales support. However, that is not the case with OceanWP.

Even if you don’t buy any pro demos or premium extensions, you will still have access to an expert support team ready to resolve all your issues.

In Conclusion:

So this was OceanWP WordPress theme in a nutshell. Hope you found this review to be helpful, and it cleared any doubts you had on whether this theme will suit your own projects or not.

Since it is a free theme, there is no harm in trying it out. And if you are planning to create a WooCommerce enabled online store, then this is one of the best free alternatives in the market.

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