30 Places to Find New Blog Post Ideas


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Are you unable to come up with quality content ideas for your blog? Well, we have listed some of the top sources to find great blog ideas.

There are many ideas that you can consider when you’re aiming to make the most out of your blog. This guide will reveal various good places to visit when you’re trying to get new blog post ideas ready for use.

These are all helpful sites thanks to how many details they offer and how they can help you find the ideas you want to work with.

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#1. Job Search Sites

You can use job search sites to find details on everything relating to what’s going on in your workplace. These sites will help you identify different types of points in the employment world and trends over how people are finding the jobs that they need.

#2. Customer Questions

You can get your customers to ask you questions surrounding what you have to offer at your workplace or your website. Let the customers dictate what they are exploring through your site while letting them be interested in what you’ve got to offer.

#3. Tweet Chats

You can schedule a Tweet Chat on Twitter to get in touch with people through certain hashtags you want to promote yourself with. The work on a Twitter chat will let you get in touch with people in moments.

#4. Industry Blogs

Look at industry blogs relating to the field of work you are in. These blogs can help you identify opportunities of all sorts in your field.

#5. Quora

You can visit Quora to find details on different things that people are talking about. This includes an emphasis on the questions that people are asking one another. These questions can be about practically anything people want to discuss. You can find content relevant to your site in particular when you look around Quora.

#6. Reddit

Reddit has become a popular site for people to talk about things that are interesting to them. You can share details on things you are excited about on Reddit. You may find a subsection, or subreddit, on the site that covers your industry or something of interest that you want to talk about.

#7. Tumblr

Tumblr is an interesting social media space that allows people to share information on the things they are interested in. You can use this platform to find photos, videos, and other things that people want to highlight. These points can be used as good inspirations for whatever it is you want to talk about online.

#8. Trend Sites

You can use various trend sites to find details on what the most popular trends for marketing in your field are. The information should be gathered well to give yourself a general idea of what to expect out of the marketing process at large.

#9. Mainstream Blogs

There are various blogs that might focus on mainstream topics and concepts. You can use these to figure out what the most popular places for talking about concepts and ideas can be. The information you will get out of these blogs should help you with moving forward with your content.

#10. Review Websites

Review websites can help you with finding different things that people are saying about the latest trends and concepts in various fields. There are many types of review websites to try out, including ones devoted to movies, music, restaurants, and more.

#11. Yelp

Yelp has made a name for itself as a popular site where people can search for and talk about different things for sale in their local areas. You can use Yelp to get an idea of what might work for your marketing use.

#12. Craigslist

Craigslist has become an interesting spot for posting messages and advertisements of all sorts. You can use Craigslist to target spots in certain parts of the country, including your local market. You can get idea of what people are saying about your services and other things through Craigslist.

#13. Instagram

Use Instagram to find details on the things that people are sharing and what they are talking about through the pictures they take. A picture can be worth a thousand words, and that adage is certainly true with Instagram. The site gives out details on many things to people through a powerful interface that is worth trying out.

#14. LinkedIn

The technical and professional nature of LinkedIn makes it a worthwhile place for people to visit. This is a site that is attractive for offering professional opportunities for talking with people and coming up with ideas. You can use the site to get various ideas surrounding the things you are interested in and what you wish to talk about.

#15. Joke Sites

Sometimes joke websites that specialize in humor can be fun. But they may also inspire you to come up with some interesting things that you want to say.

#16. Polling Sites

You can get information from polling sites about what the general public says about certain concepts. This often entails political discussions, but anything can be up for debate on these sites. You can use the results on these sites to give yourself ideas for what you want to talk about with an emphasis on stuff that comes from the headlines.

#17. Obituary Sites

You can review obituary sites to learn about people in the news who have deceased. You could use this to find ideas for how you want to talk about things in your field and what the people you are writing about might have done.

#18. History Websites

You can visit many history websites that include information on all the intriguing things that have happened over the years. These websites can include some places that offer intriguing and detailed concepts worth discussing. You should look at how one of these websites is arranged based on the types of history they talk about.

#19. Marketing Sites

Marketing websites can help you learn about different things that people might do when trying to make their sites more intriguing and useful.

#20. List Sites

Lists can give you prompts for how you’re going to talk about concepts of interest and value to you.

#21. eBay

Sometimes the interesting things you will see on eBay will give you ideas on what to write about. This could work well if you think of the curious items that you may find on the site.

#22. Amazon

Amazon has become a highly influential retailer, but the trends on that site can help in particular. These trends will help you notice what people are interested in buying and talking about.

#23. Twitter

Just a basic visit to Twitter is all you need to help you with learning about various things of value. You should look at how well these concepts are organized and that you have an idea of what to expect out of your work.

#24. Biography Pages

Biography pages provide you with information on different people who may be working in your field. You can check on many social media sites to see what these people have to offer.

#25. General Forums

You can find many forum sites that provide details on what’s happening in your field. Getting ideas for what people might be interested in and what they wish to talk about can help you see what works in your effort.

#26. Abandoned Websites

Take a look at websites that were abandoned a while ago and are still online for whatever reason. Look at what might have inspired a person to get out of such sites. You can use this to think about how trends are changing in your field or what new ideas are coming about in your field.

#27. Scientific Journals

This next point requires a bit of technical knowledge on your part. Reviewing scientific journals in your field is still a good idea as it provides you the opportunity to find interesting concepts relating to your field. This includes some of the more technical things that might be of note to you.

#28. Contest Sites

Contest sites are attractive and fun, but you might also get ideas for your blog about contests that you want to hold yourself. Make sure the contests you plan are sensible enough based on the subject matter you wish to highlight.

#29. Storytelling Sites

Places like Readers Digest have been great for telling stories to people for years. You can use the points posted on these sites to inspire your next big story of intrigue to you.

#30. Video Blogs

You can visit other peoples’ video blogs to get a clear idea of what some of these people want to talk about. You can produce your own video blogs based on what you have been inspired by in particular.

Feel free to try as many of these options for your site as you wish. You’ll find that it is not hard to get new blog post ideas when you go around and look at different places online or consider certain ideas for finding the things that you want to do.

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