How to Post On Instagram From Your Computer


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If you are like me, you will probably be finding ways to post on Instagram from your computer. 

Many users shoot videos or photos on their camera and edit it on the computer. Now to upload them on Instagram, you will have to send those to your phone. So, the process becomes longer than you probably expect.  

And when it comes to brands, many users like to use the online image editing tools like Canva to create an image and then sending it over to your phone and then posting, sounds like a lot of work.

How about editing and uploading a photo right on your computer, I’m sure it sounds great to millions of users like me. 

If you are a regular Instagram user, you are probably aware that it is a mobile app based platform and they do not offer you an option to upload your photos from your computer. 

So, is there any quick and simple way to upload an image on Instagram right from a computer? 

There certainly is.

In this article, we will look at a few quick and easy ways to upload your photos on your Instagram profile right from your computer.

Post on Instagram from Google Chrome Browser

Most for the web browsers developer tools to check check designs on different devices. 

We will leverage that option to post on Instagram from a computer. 

If you are ready with your image on your computer, head on to Google Chrome Browser. 

Open and login with your credentials. And now, you will have the enable the developer mode.

You have two options to go to the developer mode

1. First Option: Click right on your mouse and click on “Inspect”

Inspect on Chrome
Inspect on Chrome

2. Second Option: Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your browser > more tools > developer mode.

Developer Mode
Enable Developer Mode

Once you open the developer mode, you will have an option in the code area to enable the mobile mode

Please ignore our number of followers 🙂 we are just getting started on Instagram. 

Enable Developer Mode
Enable Developer Mode

Do you see that mobile icon at the top, click on that. It will set the screen on mobile mode.

This option is created for the developers to test their design on different screen sizes without leaving their computer. 

Once you click on the mobile option, the screen change into mobile device version.  

And you will have the option to upload your photos.

Possible issue: Sometimes the screen changes to mobile version but you don’t see the photo upload options. To rectify that, you just need to write on the browser again and reload the site. 

Post on Instagram from Safari Browser

Safari is another popular web browsers. It is one of the most widely used browsers especially in the Mac systems. 

To enable the option to post photos on Instagram from using the Safari browser you need to follow these steps.

Click on Safari > Preferences 

Click on Safari Preferences
Click on Safari Preferences

It will open a popup where you need to enable the developer mode. 

Enable Developer Mode
Enable Developer Mode

Now click on develop at the top menu > user agent > iOS 10 iPhone

Once you enable the iPhone mode, you should see the option to add photos on your Instagram page. 

Final Word

How you find this quick tutorial useful. If you have any query regarding this process let us know by using the comment form below. 

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