10 Quick Ways to Grow a Facebook Group


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Facebook has been a powerhouse for marketers to drive traffic and sales. One of the most effective ways to drive regular traffic to your business is by creating a group.

You have created a group for your business, how to grow it? 

If you are a complete newbie, it will not be easy for you to grow your Facebook page without a proper strategy. 

There are so many groups around almost every topic, why should people join your group? 

What is unique about your group?

Facebook has reported 2.27 billion active monthly users as of 30th September 2018. 

So, it is very important for every business to have a good presence on Facebook

The growth of your group depends on many different factors. You might have to work very hard to grow your audience even after doing everything right.

It depends on the topic of your group to a great extent.

If you are managing a Facebook group about free offers, you will be able to create your audience quite easily, while it could be difficult for some other topics.

Some Basics About Facebook Group

Before you expect even a single member to join your facebook group, you need the basics right.

Your Facebook has to look professional, no one likes to join a group that looks spammy and low quality.

  1. Have a clear vision for your group
  2. Set the group rules
  3. Create stunning graphics for your Facebook group, you can use Canva to create your images for free. 
  4. Decide the kind of content you will be allowed on your group

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How to Grow a Facebook Group

Once you are ready with all the basics for your Facebook group, you can start inviting users to join your group.

#1. Invite Your Friends

This is where you can start building the audience for your group. You can request your friends to join the new Facebook group you have created. 

When you send requests to your friends, make sure to filter and send request only those who might be interested in the topic.

#2. Write a Blog Post About The Group

You can write a blog post about your new Facebook group and how it can help users and members to know more about the topic or receive good offers. 

You can offer a specially giveaway to your blog visitors who joins the group. Or you can mention about the special content or offers that will be exclusive for the group members. 

#3. Link to Your Facebook Page

I assume that you have already created a fan page for your business, now you can link the group for your business to your fan page.

You will see the groups option the left menu on your fan page, click on that and link your group to your page. 

Link Facebook Group To Page

#4. Link to Your Blog or Show Banner

A quick and simple way to make your blog audience aware of the new Facebook group is by adding a link to your blog menu or you can create a beautiful banner and display on the sidebar of your blog.

You can divert your regular blog readers to the new group by linking the group from the popular blog posts. 

#5. Leverage Other Facebook Groups

If you already have a facebook group with good number of members, you can use those groups to promote your new group.

Also, there are open Facebook groups who will allow you to promote your group, make a list of such groups, join and start promoting. 

Make sure to read the group rules before you post. There are Facebook Groups who allow self promotion on particular days, so it is important o read the rules. 

#6. Make Use of Email Signature

The signature on your email can be a great marketing tool if you use it properly.

You must have received emails from markers and executives with link to their social profiles, latest blog posts in the signature. You can do that too, add a link to your new Facebook group in the email signature.

#7. Use Instagram Bio To Increase Facebook Group Members

Another very effective marketing strategy to grow members of your Facebook group.

Instagram allows you to add a link on your bio. You can write a description and link to your new group to redirect your visitors. 

If you already have an Instagram profile with a good number of following, it will be a lot easier for you to increase the members of your Facebook group.

#8. Liverage Third-Party Platforms

You can use third-party platforms to promote your Facebook group. Create a beautiful image and share it on Pinterest.

Pinterest is becoming one of the top traffic sources for bloggers and marketers, You will find huge population of like minded people on Pinterest; so make sure it use it for your benefit.

Quora is another great example that you can use to promote your Facebook group.

If you search this popular question and answer site, you will find a number of questions about best facebook Groups to join. 

You can write a detailed answer and leave a link to your Facebook Group

Here is an example

Promote on Quora
Promote on Quora

#9. Mention It on Email Newsletter

Email Newsletters are considered as one of the most effective forms of marketing.

If you are sending email newsletters to your subscribers, let them know about the new Facebook group you have created by placing a link to the group.

#10. Promote It On Facebook

Last but not the least, promote your new Facebook group on facebook. You can create a Facebook ad and promote your group for a few days to give it the initial boost. 

Wrapping it up

These are a few proven ways to grow a Facebook group. However, you can use any form of promotion to grow members to try to see if it works. 

Growing the first group is always difficult, you have a give it some time. Once you have an established group, you will be able to create and grow new groups easily. 

I would recommend to try giveaways and surveys, these are two strategies that always works. 

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