SEO & Content Marketing: A Combination to Success in 2019


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The face of marketing has changed completely in the recent years. Everything has become technology dominated and conventional marketing methods do not have the same impact now.

The behavior and buying strategy of people have changed. Before a buyer decides about spending money and making a purchase, he would be more concerned about the status that a website has. This obviously depends on marketing and the SEO strategy of the company.

Does the company have a quality website? Is the content appealing? Does the website have a professional layout? Is the site active with fresh content? These are some aspects that decide the status and standing of a website.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is a way to engage with the targeted audience so that the necessary product awareness can be created. 

Websites that have high-quality interesting content never have a scarcity of traffic. They always have a good count of visitors showing interest in the products and the website itself.

Reputed brands have a professional team working on the content quality and making sure that user has the finest topic related information available at all times.

Here are some key areas that show how SEO and content marketing go hand in hand to produce the finest results for websites. 

Right keyword selection

Today, websites can only grow if they meet the correct requirements and having the right selection of keywords is one of them.

Each website is listed in a particular category and the content has to contain keywords according to that.

For instance, a website selling wallets should have keywords such as “quality leather wallets” or “best leather wallets”. These keywords are obviously related to the searches that users make.

Your content should be in context of your topic. You can check more about LSI Keywords here to understand how to keep your content in context.

To determine the correct keywords, various keyword planning tools like Google Keyword Planner are used.

Google Kwyord Planner

Important Points to Take a Note Of

There is a big difference between using quality keywords and stuffing them in the content. Keyword stuffing is taken as a big negative practice by search engines.

This is because it spoils the overall flow as well as the readability. Search engines rate this as a big negative aspect.

On the other hand, websites that have quality content with the right keywords do not face any challenges in making it to the top. Thus, for a website to get a good high rank, quality content with the required keywords is essential.

Without this, it would not be possible to engage the reader and convince him to spend time on the website.

Someone who is interested in buying your products would obviously not do it right away. He would look at what the website offers and obviously the rank that it has.

Websites that are ranked after the first page obviously have deficiencies. Users these days are smart and know that the best websites have the highest ranks.

Hence, to get healthy traffic, a website must rank on the first page. Most users do not go beyond the first four or five links as they are the best web pages against a particular set of keywords.

SEO Gets the Right Content to the Targeted People

Every website has a specific audience for which it sells its products / services.

For example, if a website is selling video cameras, it would target animation experts as well as the general public. It is important to understand the problems and requirements that the targeted audience has.

In addition to that, a product should be pitched in such a way that it acts like a solution to the described problem. This is only when the content has been designed in a suitable manner. 

Marketing Your Content

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Writing quality content can only prove to be helpful when it is marketed properly.

For effective content marketing, the right SEO practices come into play. Websites that have a good rank get more exposure than the ones which fall lower on the rank list.

This is mainly because users do not want to spend long time frames on checking the information that different websites provide.

Search engines weight a website on the basis of several parameters. High-quality content along with the correct parameters is one of them.

Websites that are ranked highly get more exposure for the content. High ranked websites get more views and the chances of more conversions are higher as well.

This is one of the key reasons why highly ranked websites generate more sales.

A High Standard User Experience is Very Important 

Users rate a website on the basis of the experience that they have. No one has the time to check the performance of a website time and again.

For once, if the user has a poor user experience from a website, he would most likely not take out the time to check the link again.

In the present time, when there is so much competition between websites, it is important to stand out.

Improve User Experience

Improve User Experience
Improve User Experience

One of the important areas which website owners have to focus on is the user experience.

For instance, you should be sure that your website does not have broken links. If a user clicks a link, he should not get a message of “page not available”.

For a website to be successful, it has to be reliable. If users count on a website, they would visit it time and again.

Similarly, if they feel that the links are broken and pages take too much time to load, they would obviously seek better alternatives so that their time can be utilized manner.

Search engines are also very particular about the user experience that a website provides. You need to understand that users seek the best output for the time that they invest.

If a website has broken links or the user experience is not up to the mark, the user would seek alternatives where these problems do not exist.

A combination of high-quality related content and productive SEO methods surely produce great results.

In addition to that, keywords should be used with the right density after proper research has been carried out.

Define Your Brand Image to Get the Best Results 

It is a fact that you need to select the correct keywords and make the content revolve around them. How can you determine the keywords which would make an impact?

Before you carry out research for this, you need to define the identity of your brand. If you have a cloth brand, define the targeted customers and the market niche which you want to target.

Once you have a clear brand identity, you would be required to potential buyers. This is an important milestone.

The keywords would obviously be defined on the basis of searches made. This would depend on what the potential buyers would type in the search box on Google.

If you have the right combination of keywords and original quality content, it simply means that you have accomplished the desired goal.

Analysis of competition helps you in growing 

For a company, it is important to keep a check on how the competitors are progressing.

In the case of keywords, check the content that is being posted on their websites. Focus on the keywords that the content is embedded with.

This would give you a clear idea of what the potential buyers are searching for. In other words, you would be able to develop your content in such a way that the desired impact would be made.

By keeping a check on how competitors are developing their content, you can see explore the unique content areas. For any website, keeping a check on competition is very important.


A powerful SEO strategy and effective content marketing can help a website reach heights within no time.

Websites generate more business when they are ranked among the top options. When people search for something online, they visit the few best links only.

This is because websites that do not have high ranks are counted as less reliable. Along with that, when users are searching for products or services on the internet, they are more in links that hold the top three or four positions.

Content marketing and search engine optimization produce various benefits when combined. Through good search engine ranks, more people would be attracted to what you offer.

In simple words, more traffic means more potential sales

Drafting quality content is obviously very important. Even before that, you have to be sure that the content is interesting and has a fresh feel.

Content should be drafted after detailed research as readers do pay attention to web content. Particularly when you talk about people who are serious about making purchases, they read the information on websites carefully.

Keywords are highly important and act as backbone for search engine optimization. Without targeted keywords, it is not possible to create impressive content.

People do not like to read through information which they are already aware of. Thus, get consistent traffic on your website, make sure that the content is unique and plagiarism free. 

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