20 Best Games like Skyrim: Best Alternatives of Skyrim


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If you are looking for the best alternatives for Skyrim game, here is a list of top games that are similar to Skyrim.

After spending hundreds of hours, you might want to explore more games like Skyrim.

Skyrim was like a dream of every gamer who likes open-world, graphics, combats, and an amazing story. 

After spending so many hours, you might feel that your character doesn’t show any progress and its time to change the gaming world. Therefore, we present you the 20 best games like Skyrim: 

01. The Witcher 3: Wild hunt

The fantastic beast battles, amazing storyline, and a massive open-world environment to dive in to make The Witcher 3 the best choice for a game like Skyrim. 

One promise that we can make is that you’ll never get bored as the game will keep on tempting you more. In the game, you’ll be given the task to find Ciri, for whom the throne of Cintra is waiting. 

The landscape is so intriguing and authentic that you will get lost in it without touching the storyline. The voice-overs and emotions will make you sit endless hours. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox One, P.S 4, Windows 

Wild Hunt

02. Dragon’s Dogma

The open wilderness of Dragon’s Dogma will give you the feel of Skyrim. It is a must-play game for everyone, the reviews approve it too. 

Skyrim made you love with dragon fights, right? Dragon’s drama has sufficient dragon fights to make sit for hours. Apart from that, the exciting storyline, dangerous dungeons, and the combat system are possibly the best things about this game.

If, as a player, you like your avatar to have tiniest details, this game might be the perfect set for you as it lets you customize your character. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox, Playstation, Windows

Dragon’s Dogma

03. Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

Probably the closest thing to Skrim, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion will definitely take you back to the glory days. If you don’t want to get out of the Elder Scroll world and want to try other titles of the same franchise, go for this. 

The best thing about the storyline is its depth, as all the characters in the game have their own stories. Just make sure that you have plenty of free time. 

Endless locations to explore is the closest experience of Skyrim you’ll get. 

Available on Platform – Windows, Xbox, PS 3 

Elder Scrolls

04. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Talk about one of the best dragon age games, Inquisition might top that category. Your dream of saving the world with your team would be accomplished through this game.

The storyline goes through a character who has a job to save the world from demons and monsters as there is a portal or a breach. This game can be multi-played with friends. 

Epic battles, tools to enhance your character’s ability and the political force are the most crucial features of this game. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox, Playstation 

Dragon Age

05. Dark Soul 3

We clearly state that if you get frustrated easily, the difficulty level of this game is not ideal for you. You might feel a bit dated but the storyline will keep you intrigued. 

The dark theme of this game appeals most to the gamers. The medieval combat will leave you awestruck. Like Skyrim, you’ll get an open-world that would be worth exploring.

The fast gameplay and the fights are the exciting features of this game. 

Available on platforms – Xbox One, PS 4, Windows 

Dark Soul 3

06. Fallout 4

The same studio addiction will walk you through our next alternative i.e. Fallout 4. A lot like Skyrim, if Skyrim was to take place in a post-apocalyptic world. 

The theme is rather dark and you will get mesmerized by the graphics of the mutants and flying bugs. The attention to small details makes exploration of the open world a great deal. 

Unlike Skyrim, your character won’t have any spells but will have the necessary guns to fight enemies. The storyline is also good as you have to look out for your missing son. 

Available on Platforms – PS 4, Xbox One, Windows 

Fallout 4

07. Assassins Creed 4

As if this series needs an introduction! We are all familiar with the Assassins Creed as there few games in the market that could compete with it. 

If the open-world environment is all you thrive for, there will be places in this game that you might never discover. Even if you want to take a time-break from ongoing missions, this game will provide you an ample opportunity to discover its world. 

With a lot of drama, storylines, and murders, this is one hell of a piece as an alternative to Skyrim. 

Available on – PS, Xbox, Windows, Wii U 

Assassins Creed 4

08. Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

A story that is based on an unsung hero, who is looking to take revenge for his parent’s death. The civil conflict described from the perspective of a first-person resembles Skyrim’s gameplay. 

The thing that made us fall in love with this game was how attention to small details makes this game more interesting. For example, your character has to take a bath, eat, sleep and drink throughout the game. 

An open-world map from the perspective of a blacksmith is definitely the one to look out for. 

Available on Platforms – PS 4, Xbox One, Windows  


09. Ryse: Son of Rome

Similar to Deliverance, Ryse: Son of Rome moves around a soldier who wants to take revenge for his parent’s death from the barbarians. 

This game works around the medieval setting and you’ll get to know a lot about Roman history. In some cases, the gameplay will feel like God of War. In terms of the enhancement of the character, like Skyrim, with every level up, you’ll unlock new moves. 

The combat and storyline are certainly worthy. 

Available on PLatforms: Xbox One, Windows 


10. Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the greatest achievements of Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the all-time greats. You won’t have to fight with dragons in this but the western look of the gameplay is so appealing. 

Rockstar Games has brought a cinematic masterclass through this game. The character is set loose in the open world. The 60-hour main storyline will keep you intrigued until the end. 

The gameplay is kept so realistic that the character has to choke his gun before firing and even brew his own coffee. We might say that it is a little different from what we witnessed in Skyrim but it is a fine creation. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox One, Playstation 4, Windows 

Red Dead Redemption 2

11. Neverwinter

If we were to say about Neverwinter in one line, we would say, “a classic dungeons and dragons game.” The gaming world just doesn’t make more of these. 

There are a lot of similarities with Skyrim that can be seen in the gameplay. Though the D&D world would feel much outdated, the multiplayer game settings will let you and your friends fight with dragons again. 

The difficulty level is rather easy as compared to its competitors. 

Available on platforms – Xbox, Windows 


12. Divinity – Original Sin

Embedded with several wow elements, Divinity 2’s powerful story makes it one of the top contenders for games like Skyrim.

In a quest to become the new divine, your character will face many difficulties and challenges. As long as you beat your enemies and make progression, your character can be upgraded too. The characters, dialogues, and sheer intuitiveness are one to crave for. 

The best feature is that you have an option to create the character from scratch too.

Available on platforms – Xbox   


13. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

The backstory of the production house developing this game is pretty interesting as it went bankrupt just after releasing this game. 

A variety of weapons and magic will give you the much-needed feel of Skyrim. The open-world setting is definitely worthy of exploration and the combat system involves the combo action scheme as the character returns from the dead to change fate. 

According to your progress, you can enhance the abilities of your character too. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox 360, PS 4, Windows  

Kingdoms Of Amalur

14. Middle Earth – Shadow of War

The game happens to be in a fantasy world, much like the Lord of the Rings. As compared to its predecessor, not much has changed in the game settings. 

We must say that the combat is hugely appreciable as each fight with the enemy will turn out to be a memorable one. Just like Skyrim. Adventures of your character will be filled with magic and monsters. 

The addition of some original characters, along with the storyline that has an objective to conquer fortresses to enhance the power of your character, Middle Earth does a commendable job. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox, PS, Windows 

Middle Earth

15. World of Warcraft

Arguably the best MMORPG game out there, World of Warcraft with its own perfect storyline might be just the game like Skyrim that you were looking for. 

Another one of those alternatives in which you can customize your character according to your preference. The universe of Warcraft will give you an opportunity to align with the best of heroes to fight against the best of villains. 

World of Warcraft has a vast world with plenty of missions and monsters that will put you behind your gaming screen for a long period of time. 

Available on platforms – Windows, Mac 


16. Dark Souls 2

We have already talked about the 3rd edition of Dark Souls but Dark Souls 2 has also gained its merit to be on our list. It is one of the most demanding games in the market.

In this game where everyone is your enemy, you learn about your enemy attack pattern and how there are numerous ways to kill your opponent. This game can be played as a single-player or multiplayer. 

The open-world of Dark Souls 2 is worth exploring and you will have powerful weapons at your disposal. 

Available on Platforms – Windows, Xbox 360, PS 

Dark Souls 2

17. Risen 3

If you were looking for an action/adventure game that gave an indication of pirates world, The 3rd edition of Risen would provide you a similar game setting to that of Skyrim. 

The storyline is pretty average but the open-world has some memorable graphics. The combat battles will require the use of swords and guns. The leveling up of the character might be the standout feature that you have been looking for. 

The open-world shall be explored to gain more experience and weapons. Overall, this game is definitely worth the shot. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox, PS, Windows 

Risen 3

18. Witcher 2

As compared to the 1st edition of Witcher, Witcher 2 was a major improvement in every aspect. The violence in this game is so extreme that will make you applause the developer. 

To add to the resemblance of Skyrim, even your character in Witcher 2 starts from prison. The combat system does not only involves swords but also magic. 

The storyline is pretty good as well as the graphics. The cheerful dwarfs and the humorous mysteries will keep you intrigued. Even the Netflix edition of Witcher is available, so the game will get you prepared. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox 360, Windows 


19. Fallout 3 

All gamers have developed a mindset to enjoy a post-apocalyptic world, right? Well, Fallout 3 was one of the best action-packed oriented games launched in 2009-10 that depicted the post-apocalyptic world as no-one else could. 

The best feature about this game is that though the open-world is imaginary, the creators have made it as believable as it could get. The storyline is good and the dialogues are pretty funny too. 

Your character has the duty to save the world from the nuclear war. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox, PS 3, Windows 

Fallout 3

 20. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic 

We end our search for the Skyrim alternatives with the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. You take Serath as your character, who trains and has to fight “the skull of shadows.”

The storyline of the game gets interesting as we move ahead but you’ll feel bored in between. The action of this game is worth every penny as the magic spells, swords, and shields get updated regularly. 

Overall, this game would feel pretty dated but you can still enjoy it. 

Available on Platforms – Xbox 360, PS 3, Windows 

Dark Messiah

We have made a list of 20 best games like Skyrim that you can enjoy the most. The open-world of Skyrim might be unmatched but these games are definitely worth spending hours. 

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