5 Simple Ways to Make Money on Instagram

You Can Make Money By Multiple Ways on Instagram, Here Are The Top Tips


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Instagram has been one of the most preferred platforms for brands, celebrities, and business in the recent past and it is going to be even more active in the years to come.

In today’s day, companies and brands understand what being a social media influencer and amassing audience entails for them, they could benefit a lot from that kind of reach.

Hence, forging affiliations with these companies or brands can prove to be very economically beneficial especially if you’re a full-time blogger, YouTuber or stand-alone avid Instagrammer.  

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that brands dig this platform to advertise their products and services while paying a hefty amount to their advertisers.

There are Instagram influencers making thousands of dollars every month by promoting different brands on the platform, and there are big names and celebrities on the list who make millions by promoting products on Instagram.

So,m if you are just getting started on the platform, the obvious question will be “how to make money on Instagram?”

Here is how you can make money on Instagram.

01. Build a Sizeable Amount of Followers

As an Instagrammer who is going to be endorsing a brand’s products and services, it goes without saying that to extend your reach you need to have a certain number of followers.

Hence as a prospective Instagrammer who is aiming at snagging one of these endorsements, it is imperative that you turn on your digital charm and gain as many followers as possible.

Your Instagram bio is insight, it should house all the necessary contact information making it easier for them to reach out to you.

Another keyword is using the right kind of keywords, that specific exactly who you are- a blogger, YouTuber, travel vlogger, photographer, musician- and that you are actively looking for a business.

Posting regularly and effectively helps in retaining your followers and keeps them engaged around your content.

This also helps in growing your numbers, although you have to be consistent you should not be monotonous.

Regular posing does not mean continuous, one should also ensure that their content is relevant and not repetitive, because that can be a quick way for people to lose interest and stop following you.

In addition to this, good quality and appealing photos are obviously a catch on this platform.

A grizzly low-quality image will not bode well for your followers who are there just for good quality content.

With phones have high resolution camera, you don’t even have to entirely depend on a DSLR. Put effort in editing them, curating the right filter for it without compromising on the clarity.

All this while remember- aesthetics is truly the language of the ‘gram

The platform’s algorithm is very much based on the hashtags, do devise them widely using the appropriate and relevant keywords.

It is largely unlikely that your posts will travel extensively without you using hashtags, which will help in effectively categorizing them as per your niche.

Learn about the best ones in your interest field and make sure they’re tagged under every post. You cannot juts operate from behind the screen, establish a channel of communication with your audience and engage them.

These can be essayed in the form of live interactive videos, impromptu Q and A sessions and liking heir comments on your posts and sometimes even replying to them.

This makes you more approachable and ensures their interest even in the long haul.

02. Find the Right Brands to Endorse

Brand endorsement is one of the most popular practices on Instagram, one where the largest share of bloggers and influencers are involved in.

If you have established yourself as an Instagrammer, there are high chances of brands fining you.

However, if you are a beginner and just venturing out- you might have to go in search of brands until you establish your prominence. There are also a list of influencer marketplaces where you as a beginner can enlist yourself which increases your visibility and the chance to be discovered. 

These include sites like Fohr Card, Grapevine, Crowd tap and several others where you can find the right partnership to work out beneficial deals.

These have various content creation necessities that will earn you money once they are duly met. These have their own set of requirements like the usage of particular hashtags, campaigns that you need to participle in and promotion of prescribed content; which will in turn earn you monetary rewards.

The creation of sponsored posts also helps propel your social media visibility by creating original posts.

Sponsored posts refer to those images or videos explicitly highlighting the brand’s product or service, often accompanied by details regarding where one can buy the product or service.

These can be in the form of links attested to your Instagram stories where you followers can swipe up and find it, or @ mentions which will direct them to the brand’s profile so that they can have a look at themselves.

Ensure your captions showcase the reliability and the basic functions of the advertised merchandise, giving our followers a clear idea.

It was found that amongst influencers, that their transparency regarding their sponsorships did not affect the perceptions of their followers on how they recommended the product.

Instagram now also allows influencers to publish their paid partnership with the respective brands.

03. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate in more exclusively involved with the sale of the product and service, and is committed to extensive advertising or marketing of the brand.

Affiliate marketing refers to the promotion of the merchandise and earning commissions based on the consumer activity they propel- these can vary from user clicks to actually purchases made through the unique link published by the affiliate.

These are explicitly related to advertising and has nothing to do with creating awareness, dispensing information or other aspects that Instagram bloggers usually undertake.

Often carried out by a promo code or a unique trackable link, the affiliates can focus on one product or service at a time while revealing the perks of its usage, reliability, affordability and other reasons so as to why this product should be bought by the followers.

In this era of digital marketing, almost all established brands or companies have the option of enrolling into their affiliate marketing program, with some even extending a signing bonus, referral rates and several other incentives that can earn you easy income.

Amazon associates has a dense affiliate program, so does sites like Clickbank, Reward style, Shareasale etc with several niche contents. On Instagram, affiliate marketing is largely popular with fashion brands and beauty products.  

04. The Unconventional Route

Apart from forging affiliations and advertising brands, there are los several unconventional methods that an Instagrammer can undertake to make money off their efforts.

This includes giving shout-outs to artists, or smaller upcoming Instagrammers.

This can be in the form of sharing their profiles on your story/posts, tagging them in your posts and revealing what is it that they do and why should they be followed and urging your followers to check their pages or content out.

Popularity on Instagram is duly hard-earned, and you can leverage yours for a fee.

Instagram, apart from its vibrance and glory, can also prove to be quite informative or educative. Playing this to your advantage, you as an Instagrammer can offer tutorials or seminars on your niche subject or expertise.

These are several softwares and tools that allow you to conduct classes and presentations. You can decide to grant access to those to your followers for a subscription fee.

Its popularity can be monitored by the amount of saves, likes and comments- and you can tailor your content depending on your target audience or demand in the market.

05. Launching Your Own Brand


Instagram has wormed its way into and has progressed to become an indispensable part of your lives. Which is why, e-commerce on this platform can be a way to attract consumers.

For an entrepreneur who needs a social media presence for their merchandise, Instagram is a viable option. By marketing your own product as an avid Instagrammer, you do not need to outsource advertising to middle-men, neither about integrating messages from competitors about posting strategy.

You’re at the freedom to market it the way your please, unrestricted by external requirements.

Instagram now allows you to post pictures of available products and also tag their respective prices. This way, your audience will right away know the price instead of scouring through the website.

Furthermore, you can out the link of your website in your bio; so everyone sifting through your post can easily access it- even those who do not follow you.

Having started off as a hobby to indulge in occasionally and stay connected to your friends, Instagram has come a long way into having transformed into an e-commerce platform while also being an easy cashing domain for ambitious bloggers.

Once you set your heart to it, you can find a lot of ways to ensure the influx of income through the ways we have enlisted for you.

Amidst several potential collaborators, this platform allows you to carve out a niche for yourself, distribute your content and get garner the attention your efforts deserve!

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