What is Alexa Ranking? Does it Still Matter?


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Alexa ranking used to be one of the key parameters to check the overall quality and performance of any site back in the days.

Things have changed over the years and Alexa numbers don’t carry the same value it used to a few years ago.

Alexa By Amazon
Alexa By Amazon

What is Alexa Ranking?

Founded in 1996, Alexa was acquired by none other than Amazon in the year 1999.

It soon became one of the most important tools to find the overall performance of any website. The advertisers used to check Alexa ranking before they used to approach any site for sponsorship.

If you are a blogger or going to start the blogging soon then you might be familiar with Alexa already.

Don’t get confused with the Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa. Both the products belong to Amazon and have the same name.

Blogging and other online businesses are very competitive these days and the numbers keeps us updated about the performance.

Any new blog has to compete with thousands of similar websites, those are providing similar information and similar content or value. And Alexa is one such tool that gives details about the overall performance of your site so that you keep improving.

So, other than your own site’s performance, Alexa can provide you the insight of any other competitor site that you wish to check.

In the last few years, Alexa added a few important SEO and competitor analysis tools that are available to premium members such as the following.

  • Keyword Difficulty Tool
  • Competitor Keyword Matrix
  • On-page SEO Checker
  • Competitor Backlink Checker
  • SEO Aud Tool
  • Audience Overlap Tool
  • Site Comparison
  • And More..

Alexa Ranking is the easiest way by which you can get an idea that how good a site is.

Keep the Numbers In Front

It is extremely important for the online business, blogs to keep measuring performance so that you can keep improving.

You have to look at your data be it Alexa or Google Analytics or your site’s data in Search Console.

The numbers will keep your updated about how your business is performing.

There are many other popular tools that offer in-depth analysis of any website such as Ahrefs, SEMrush etc. But, these tools are expensive and a new blogger with no income will not be able to afford these tools.

So, you can use the free Alexa web analysis tool to keep a track of your as well as your competitor’s site.

Now, an important question is how to improve your stats?

The simple answer is quality of your content. If you keep creating high quality useful content regularly, the stats of your site will start improving.

Another important aspect is the consistency. A site that post 3-4 times a week will tend to have better numbers than a site that posts once in a month subject to quality is similar.

So, if you wish to have a better analytics on any of the measuring tool, you need to keep working on your business regularly and keep improving the quality of your work.

How To Use Alexa

The easiest way to use Alexa to keep a track of your Alexa ranking is by using the browser extension they offer.

If you use Google Chrome, you can install the Alexa Chrome Extension and whenever you open a website or blog, it will show it’s Alexa ranking on the same page.

Chrome Alexa Extension
Chrome Alexa Extension

Does Alexa Ranking Still Matter

The simple answer is NO. The ranking number given by Alexa doesn’t matter anymore.

If you go by the Alexa number, you will not understand the actual quality of a site simply because the Alexa numbers are far form accurate.

We have gone through a number of different sites, the Alexa numbers are not upodate and they are still showing the same old data that a site used to have years ago.

Let’s have a look at one of our own site as an example.

The site is Begindot.com

According to Alexa, the total number of linking site to Begindot.com is 53, here is the screenshot.

Alexa Numbers
Alexa Numbers

Now let’s have a look at Begindot’s numbers using Ahrefs.

As per Ahrefs, over 800 domains are linking to Begindot.com, so the Alexa numbers are not even 10% of the actual numbers.

Begindot Ahrefs Data

Final Word

We have used the premium version of Alexa as well, and if you go by my words, even the premium packages doesn’t make any sense.

Alexa is simply not able to fetch the correct and latest numbers.

There are many other tools in the market that offers close to accurate numbers.

One free tool that I would suggest is the Similarweb tool. However, you will not get the traffic numbers for a new site on Similarweb.

Your site has to grow before it start showing traffic numbers on Similar web.

I hope the article helps you to understand how Alexa ranking works. If you have any question, do use the comment form below.

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