WordPress 5.0 Released: What’s New


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WordPress 5.0 finally released. This is a big update and it will change the approach of WordPress to a large extent. 

As you login to your WordPress admin dashboard today, you will see the WordPress 5.0 available for update. 

WordPress 5.0

Now the question is, should you update to WordPress 5.0?

The wise decision will be to hold on for sometime and wait for the bug reports and discussions around the new version.

As WordPress 5.0 is a big update, it will have its impact on plugins & themes.

Check if your theme is Gutenberg ready. With WordPress 5.0, you will now have to use this new editor called Gutenberg which is a block based editor.

Most of us who have been using WordPress are used to the classic editor. Though the new editor is very simple, it will surely take some time to get used to the new interface.

More About Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a block based editor, you can place a block depending on the content type (title, paragraph or image) and start editing. 

If you have written content on sites like Medium.com, you will have a similar experience on the Gutenberg editor. 

There are a number of different blocks introduced with the new editor that you can use to create your pages.

Gutenberg Blocks

WordPress has been the dominating content management system with the highest market share. 

This new WordPress is a move towards continuing and increasing the dominance and take on the self hosted website platforms like Wix, Squarespace etc

How It will Impact The Website Builders?

This is another important question, how the new WordPress editor is going to impact the WordPress builders?

Now there are a number of quality WordPress builders such as the Elementor, Divi, WPBakery and many others.

As of now, we have been using these website builders to create different custom layouts, that is otherwise not possible with the default WordPress system. 

Gutenberg is going to be a lot more for WordPress than just the editor. This is going to be a drag and drop website building tool in the time to come.

So, are these website builder going to disappear?

I don’t think so. It is going to take time for Gutenberg to become the some designing option WordPress WordPress. 

Also, we will always need extra features and options to style a page which may not be possible with the default Gutenberg editor.

In fact, most of the editors updated itself with Gutenberg blocks and they are offering custom blocks which are not available in the default Gutenberg editor. 

Is Your Theme Ready for WordPress 5.0 & Gutenberg

Before you click on update, you need to make sure if your theme is ready for the update. Check with your theme developer, if they have updated the theme to support Gutenberg editor.

If no, you can go for a Gutenberg ready WordPress theme

Update your site to WordPress 5.0 but disable Gutenberg

Yes, WordPress gives you the option to continue using the old classic editor even after updating to WordPress 5.0.

By default, it will change the editor to new Gutenberg editor. However, you can continue using the old classic editor by using the official WordPress classic editor plugin

We Have Updated to WordPress 5.0

Yes, we have updated to HobPost to WordPress 5.0 and using the new Gutenberg editor. 

For us the migration was smooth as we are using a theme that is Gutenberg compatible. So, there is not much of a change for this site. 

WordPress 5.0 Update

What Happens to WordPress Plugins for Version 5.0

The WordPress plugins are going to feel the impact of WordPress 5.0. 

As there is this new editor now, a lot of plugins will have to change their approach and align themselves with the block system. 

In fact, there are a number of plugins that are already offering nice additional blocks that we can use on our blog posts to add custom features.

For example, Atomic Blocks that brings in a number of different blocks to your WordPress site. 

Atomic Blocks
Atomic Blocks

 Final Word

The release data of WordPress 5.0 was pushed a number of times as it is a big update and everything had to be perfect before Gutenberg becomes the default editing options.

So, I recommend you to wait for a couple of day and check if there is any bug, check if your current theme is ready for update and then click the update button.

Do let us know your experience with the WordPress 5.0 version by commenting below. 

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This article is written by a HobPost Staff Writer.



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